1. Get Recharged Before the Festive Period Starts

    As the festive period is around the corner, right now feels like the calm before the storm, because in a few days the manic Christmas period begins!


    Electronic items are some of the UK’s most popular gifts to give, whether its children's toys, household appliances or items for hobbies such as digital cameras, airsoft or remote control or model vehicles. Electronic items need batteries! And here at Vapextech, we supply a huge range of rechargeable batteries perfect for all the above items and more. Rechargeable batteries have been around for a while now, but their popularity has risen thanks to the many benefits they offer.

    Four Advantages of our Rechargeable Batteries

    Batteries for Every Use: To start with Vapextech provide rechargeable batteries

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  2. Airsoft Batteries for a Fast-Growing Hobby

    Airsoft is a fast-growing hobby for enthusiasts who are looking to play out war scenarios and battles. One of airsoft biggest draws is the realism of the firearms. If you want the very best performance out of your weapon when on the frontline, then Vapextech airsoft batteries are a must.

    Here at Vapextech, we are the UK’s main importer of Vapextech batteries and we stock a variety of high-quality airsoft batteries in numerous types such as NiMH, LiPo and Life batteries.

    Huge Stock of Airsoft Batteries

    Our stock of airsoft batteries ranges from 7.4 volts to 12v, which are specifically designed for airsoft use and for every weapon type. When the enemy is bearing down the last thing you want is to be worrying about your b

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  3. Model Batteries to Celebrate the RAF Centenary

    Model batteries will be an important part of every enthusiasts’ kit this summer as aviation fans of all ages commemorate the centenary of the RAF. 2018 marks 100 years since the service was founded and airshows involving real aircraft and those dedicated to radio controlled models will look to the skies in honour of the achievements of the Royal Air Force and to remember the airmen and women who have served their country.

    Model Batteries for 2018 Summer Flying Events

    August is a month packed with events all around the country, and if the weather we have experienced during the June and July heatwave continues, it will offer perfect flying conditions for radio controlled aircraft of all types and sizes. Making sure that you have fully charged model batteries and a backup set will ensure that pilots will gain the maximum flying time available during this season. Many o

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  4. Model Batteries and Summer Heat

    Summer is the season when all types of batteries, including model batteries, associated with recreational activities get the most use. Generally, the weather is better, the extra hours of daylight, and a packed summer of gatherings and events within the model communities sees us flying, driving and sailing miniature vehicles. It is always worth being mindful of how batteries are stored, used, transported and charged. With the extra sunshine and heat at this time of year, extra vigilance is required.

    Model Batteries and Safety in the UK Heatwave

    This summer has seen temperatures being broken in the UK as a heatwave has descended over the country with weeks of hot dry weather. This has provided superb conditions for enjoying your radio controlled models and drones. But care must be taken with all model batteries and especially LIPO

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  5. Lipo Batteries for Model Vehicles

    Lipo batteries are a popular 21st century electrical source. Used as model batteries, they provide energy for radio controlled cars, aircraft and boats of many kinds. Some people consider them to be prone to over heating and a fire risk. But when handled and used correctly, they are a safe and versatile means of powering many types of models, and Summer is the season to get the most enjoyment out of this hobby. More common than you might think, we use lipo batteries on a daily basis in phones, laptops, tablets and many other devices away from the radio controlled model scene.

    High Power Lipo Batteries

    Lipo batteries certainly pack a power punch by delivering as much as four times the amount of energy density compared to the equivalent nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries. Another unique characteristic is

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  6. Model Batteries for Summer Model Shows

    Model batteries are an essential part of the kit that keeps all radio-controlled models working. With better weather and longer days during the summer months, enthusiasts are always keen to get out and enjoy flying, boating, and driving. Throughout the season there are plenty of model shows and events of all sizes. From large spectacular events like the International Weston Park Model Show to a smaller gathering of your local model club. Vapextech has a vast choice of batteries suitable for transmitters and receivers.

    Model Batteries for Aircraft, Boats and Cars

    The popularity of radio-controlled models means that you will find clubs and societies where like-minded people gather to share their enjoyment in most towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Some groups are purely recreational, where it is all about the collective fun of being with friends who have the same interest. There are those who like to race their model car, boat, or plane. Depending

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  7. Don’t Be Without Your 8 Cell Charger

    The 8 cell charger from Vapextech is a portable device which will enable you to charge a collection of rechargeable batteries anywhere around your home, workplace or in a vehicle. You will never be short of battery power again with this highly adaptive piece of kit. AA and AAA batteries are the most common sizes being compatible with many everyday items. From cameras, remote control handsets, electric toothbrushes, torches, and many toys and games consoles. These batteries are now a part of everyday life and feature in every room in our homes and workplaces.

    Buy Your 8 Cell Charger Online at Vapextech

    The perfect way to recharge your Vapextech AA and AAA batteries is with our own 8 cell charger. It is one

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  8. 6v Batteries to Power the New Year

    6v batteries come in many guises and here at Vapextech we have the sources of power to ensure you get maximum usage out of your cameras, airsoft guns and model boats, cars or aircraft. We don’t want you to miss a moment and you can be confident that we will supply high quality batteries at competitive prices so that you can enjoy the thrill of airsoft skirmishing, the speed of model vehicle racing, or being creative with your photography.

    6v Batteries for Cameras

    Capture a picture perfect 2018 and don’t miss a moment when you’re out and about with your SLR, compact or bridge cameras with 6v camera batteries. Part of our range of standard non rechargeable batteries, the Lithium 2 CR5

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  9. Lipo Batteries, Lightweight Power

    Lipo batteries are the go to source of power for Airsoft competitors. Why? Put yourself in the middle of an Airsoft skirmish. In the fast and furious heat of the competition you need a power source you can rely on to keep your Airsoft Electronic Gun in full working order. If your AEG loses power and stops working you could quickly find yourself unable to engage with the “enemy” and become an easy target. Before you know it, you could be out of the game!

    Avoid this scenario with lipo batteries from Vapextech. Lightweight power cells are moulded and formed into dimensions to fit perfectly into the cranstock of the rifle or semi automatic AEG. A powerful and reliable power source, these batteries are also incredibly light weight. Which is why they’re popular for Airsoft. Staying light

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  10. Solar Light Batteries for Autumn and Winter

    Solar light batteries are an essential part of providing illumination for your garden. We often associate our gardens with Spring flowers and Summer barbecues. But now that the clocks have gone back marking the end of British Summer Time, we reckon your solar lights and most importantly the solar light batteries which power them will be more important. It is darker much earlier now that the nights have drawn in, the Autumn has many other events to enjoy, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. With friends and children calling round to “Trick or Treat”, maybe you’re hosting a gathering to let off fireworks. With Christmas on the horizon people will be going back and forth with busy preparations and decorations. In these dark evenings and early mornings, are your pathways, borders, steps, and areas of decking properly lit? Are there any places which may be a trip hazard after dark?

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