8 bay charger

  1. Battery Chargers to Keep You Fully Charged!

    Vapextech has a range of battery chargers to suit the types of rechargeable batteries you use. Not all battery chargers are the same, so it is important for safety and function that you get the right battery charger. We have chargers for standard rechargeable batteries, airsoft batteries, model batteries, and lipo batteries.

    Battery Chargers for Standard, Model, Airsoft and LIPO Batteries

    Standard Battery Chargers: We have three standard rechargeable battery chargers available to buy online. For a Fast Univeral Smart Charger capable of recharging a mix of AA AAA C D PP3, we’ve got that covered. It is available with adapters for the UK, European Union, US, and Australia. The perfect companion for travellers. If you only need to charge AA or AAA NiMh batteries then the smart 8 bay chardger is for you.

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  2. Recharge with an 8 Bay Charger

    Vapextech supply two types of 8 bay charger. Both are equipped with the latest technology for the efficient charging of many standard rechargeable batteries used daily in and around the home.

    8 Bay Charger Power from Vapextech

    Smart Charger for NiMH Batteries
    This 8 bay charger includes 8 Vapextech NiMH AA rechargeable batteries. It also has the capability to charge eight AAA batteries too. You have the flexibility to recharge any number of pieces from just one to the complete set of eight. Charging times will vary depending upon the number of cells being charged and the respective currents required. There are safety features to detect bad cells, charging progress and a timer to protect

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  3. 8 Bay Charger for NiMH Batteries

    The 8 bay charger from Vapextech is the ideal general use battery charger. Capable of simultaneously charging eight AA or AAA batteries, you can keep all your battery powered household items fully charged. The clock in the kitchen will never lose time, the TV remote will work properly, and your games console won’t let you down in mid contest!

    Versatile 8 Bay Charger

    The key to the success of the Vapextech 8 bay charger is its versatility. Coming with an external AC adapter plug kit. It has the components for worldwide use, so you will never be without charged batteries, wherever you travel. Charge your batteries at home or when on the move in your car.

    The safety features of the 8 bay charger enable safe charging without the risk of overcharging and damaging the battery cells. The timing system p

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  4. Power Up With The 8 Bay Charger!

    Vapextech stock a vast choice of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for a number of uses from garden solar lights, airsoft shooting and radio controlled models. When you need to recharge AA or AAA batteries quickly the Vapextech 8 Bay Charger is the solution for you!   

    Efficient Battery Charging from the Vapextech 8 Bay Charger

    What makes the Vapextech 8 Bay Chargers so good? Well the reviews on the product page speak for themselves with a fantastic 5 stars being awarded. Speed and efficiency of charge are the key benefits of this piece of equipment. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose this impressive piece of battery charging equipment.

    • It will only take 1 to 5 hours for AA/AAA batteries to be charged.
    • So versatile that you can charge AA and AAA batteries simultaneously.
    • The negative delta V cut off
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