1. 6v Batteries for Spring Activities

    6v batteries from Vapextech will power all your Spring activities. It is now the time of year when people like to spend more time outside enjoying hobbies and activities. The weather is generally better, the days are longer, and there are two bank holidays in May. Who wouldn’t want to get out their cameras, enjoy their remote control models or take on the challenges of Airsoft? Whatever your past time, Vapextech is here to supply you with all the power of 6v batteries that you need to enjoy your recreational activities.


    6v Batteries i

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  2. 6v Batteries to Power the New Year

    6v batteries come in many guises and here at Vapextech we have the sources of power to ensure you get maximum usage out of your cameras, airsoft guns and model boats, cars or aircraft. We don’t want you to miss a moment and you can be confident that we will supply high quality batteries at competitive prices so that you can enjoy the thrill of airsoft skirmishing, the speed of model vehicle racing, or being creative with your photography.

    6v Batteries for Cameras

    Capture a picture perfect 2018 and don’t miss a moment when you’re out and about with your SLR, compact or bridge cameras with 6v camera batteries. Part of our range of standard non rechargeable batteries, the Lithium 2 CR5 is perfect for long lasting power so yo

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  3. Lipo Batteries, Lightweight Power

    Lipo batteries are the go to source of power for Airsoft competitors. Why? Put yourself in the middle of an Airsoft skirmish. In the fast and furious heat of the competition you need a power source you can rely on to keep your Airsoft Electronic Gun in full working order. If your AEG loses power and stops working you could quickly find yourself unable to engage with the “enemy” and become an easy target. Before you know it, you could be out of the game!

    Avoid this scenario with lipo batteries from Vapextech. Lightweight power cells are moulded and formed into dimensions to fit perfectly into the cranstock of the rifle or semi automatic AEG. A powerful and reliable power source, these batteries are also incredibly light weight. Which is why they’re popular for Airsoft. Staying light

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  4. 6v Batteries for Christmas Presents

    6v batteries for model vehicles are essential additions to any Christmas stocking. If the model plane and helicopter enthusiast or the buggy racer in your life is having a new vehicle added to their collection of aircraft, radio control cars, or model boats, then make sure they have the maximum battery power this Yuletide!

    Vapextech is the place for specialist 6v batteries this Christmas. We have supplied high-quality battery packs in a variety of configurations for transmitters and receivers since 2005. Giving radio control model fans superb control over their vehicle from take-off to landing or from the start line to the chequered flag.

    We sell

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  5. Solar Light Batteries for Autumn and Winter

    Solar light batteries are an essential part of providing illumination for your garden. We often associate our gardens with Spring flowers and Summer barbecues. But now that the clocks have gone back marking the end of British Summer Time, we reckon your solar lights and most importantly the solar light batteries which power them will be more important. It is darker much earlier now that the nights have drawn in, the Autumn has many other events to enjoy, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. With friends and children calling round to “Trick or Treat”, maybe you’re hosting a gathering to let off fireworks. With Christmas on the horizon people will be going back and forth with busy preparations and decorations. In these dark evenings and early mornings, are your pathways, borders, steps, and areas of decking properly lit? Are there any places which may be a trip hazard after dark?

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  6. BRCA Approved Lipo Batteries from Vapextech

    The lipo batteries produced by Vapextech combine great value prices with high quality and performance. For participants and fans of model racing, the British Racing Car Association have approved Vapextech batteries. They are the body which governs competitive racing with model cars of all kinds. With a packed race programme up and down the country it’s never been easier to get involved with a lively and competitive scene both indoors and outdoors.


    Shop Online for Lipo Batteries with Vapextech

    The Vapextech website has a dedicated category for lipo batteries used for radio controlled model car packs. We provide lipo batteries which are the power cells for smaller model race cars and buggies. They are also used to power the transmitters a

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  7. AA AAA C D PP3 is THE All Round Charger

    The AA AAA C D PP3 battery charger from Vapextech is our most versatile and adaptive battery charger. Capable of charging AA, AAA, C, D, and PP3 standard rechargeable batteries, all of your everyday battery charging requirements can be met.

    We must all be more environmentally aware and by making small changes like using rechargeable batteries we can all do our bit to look after the planet. Investing in a battery charger with the capacity to recharge such a wide variety of battery sizes makes sense financially as well as environmentally. We use batteries in all manner of household items on a daily basis without thinking about it..until they run out of power! From making sure the TV remote control is working, to a torch and more. We’ll keep your battery powered household items working.

    AA AAA C D PP3 Available With 4 Regional Plugs

    Whether you l

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  8. What is Airsoft? Choose Vapextech Airsoft Batteries to Keep You in the Game!

    Airsoft is a game of simulated combat played between teams of players otherwise known as Skirmishers. Using replica guns and weapons to fire plastic BB’s the game utilises tactics and teamwork over an outdoor course or designated Airsoft area. Often using the challenges of woodland and abandoned buildings and structures. It combines stealth and cooperation to achieve the aims of the game and can be both physically demanding and fast-paced. Originating in Japan in the 1970’s it has become increasingly popular and accessible over the decades and is now played by thousands across the globe. There is an entire industry around the sport supplying kit and equipment and Vapextech provides many types of Airsoft batteries.
    Airsoft has become a highly organised sport with associations and governing bodies like the United Kin

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  9. Lipo Batteries for Radio Control Car Packs

    Lipo batteries for radio control cars from Vapextech are an excellent power source at a very competitive price. Whether you drive radio control cars for fun with friends or you take this hobby to a new level within the model community with serious competition in race series around the country. We have the Lipo batteries to get your radio control car or off road buggy pulling away from the start line and tearing around for lots of fun!

    Features and Benefits of Lipo Batteries for Car Packs

    Lipo batteries provide a high power to weight ratio which is why they are excellent for radio control vehicles. They are highly responsive with a powerful discharge which translates into swift acceleration. This type of performance is achieved through a very specific chemical and structure within the battery pack. When using, storing, and charging your Lipo battery it is advised that

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  10. 6v Batteries for Hobbies and Sports

    6v batteries are used to power many devices at home and work. Vapextech has an excellent selection of 6v batteries for recreational activities. If you enjoy RC models, either in your own time, or as part of a club or society, Vapextech has battery power for model planes, helicopters, cars, buggies, and boats.

    6v Batteries for Radio Control Models

    We have a choice of 6v batteries to provide power to your transmitters and receivers. Depending upon your radio-controlled model vehicle, you have a choice of battery configurations. Flat, hump, or square, you can be confident of a consistent power source to help you keep control

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