1. Why Do We Need To Recycle Batteries

    Did you know; in the UK only 27% of all batteries purchased are actually recycled? It is also estimated that the average British household uses at least 10 batteries a year which roughly translates to 60,000 tonnes worth of batteries every year. 

    But what does all of this mean? Well, this means that tonnes of Co2 emissions could be avoided if more batteries were recycled. In fact, it is often cited that over 20,000 batteries unnecessarily fill up landfills in the UK alone. 

    Over the last decade or so, there has been a general push towards being more environmentally friendly. Underpinned by the UK government’s Green Deal which was established back in January 2013; more and more Britons have been making the extra effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And in the battery industry, there is no difference. 

    So whether you have

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  2. Model Batteries Taking You To Race Day Victory

    The sport of model racing seems to be growing in popularity year on year. The pastime’s surge in popularity has made the sport extremely competitive, entertaining and high octane. Because of this; more and more racers are looking for a reliable and high performancing battery source to enable the biggest chance of race day success. Luckily, at Vapextech, we sell industry leading model batteries.

    We supply model batteries in a range of sizes and voltages to meet your requirements. Be it 4.4v or 6.6v batteries, we will have a voltage to suit you. Our industry leading batteries also come in Lipo and Life batteries style. 

    While t

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  3. Airsoft Batteries: A Guide to Battlefield Success

    Airsoft batteries, rather unsurprisingly, power Airsoft guns which allow you to participate in the exciting world of Airsoft.If you are not already in the know, Airsoft is a team game which sees opposing players take to the battlefield and attempt to secure victory by eliminating the other team. You eliminate the other team by tagging them. You tag an opposing player by hitting them with a spherical plastic projectile launch from your trusty Airsoft gun. 

    First played in Japan in the early 1970s, this hyperactive game has seen a healthy resurgence since the COVID 19 pandemic. At the heart of this admittedly fashionating resurgence is the faithful Airsoft batteries. 

    The Airsoft batteries' ever expanding range includes life

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  4. A Guide to Mobile Phone Batteries

    At Vapextech we have a plethora of knowledge regarding all manners from batteries. From 9.9v batteries to model batteries or airsoft batteries; our overall knowledge of batteries is all encompassing and unrivaled. 


    However, there is one battery that arguably garners the most attention. By this we of course the sometimes dreaded mobile phone battery. Although we no longer have such strict covid restrictions compared to this time last year; we are potentially more dependent on phone batteries now more than ever. 

    Whilst mobile phone batteries might not share that much in common with say life batteries, or the previously mentioned airsoft batteries, phone batteries are quite interesting devices. 

    How Do They Work


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  5. Lipo to 8 Cell Chargers: The Essentials of Battery Chargers

    In the early stages of 2022, many of us might be in need of a recharging. However, you might not be the only thing in need of a recharge. You can pretty much be assured that your batteries will need recharging too.

    When first entering the exciting world of rechargeable batteries it can sometimes seem quite daunting and maybe even scary. Many customers continue to use their same old standard batteries day in, day out.

    Whilst standard batteries are by no means insufficient, for example our 7.2v batteries are in industry, they do not offer many of the same outstanding benefits rechargeable batteries proudly showcase. At Vapextech, we pride ourselves on showcasing all the knowledge you need to make the most informed and correct consumer purchase decisions. So whether you are buying your first

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  6. Why Solar Light Batteries are Going to be Important in 2022

    We last spoke to you regarding Solar Light Batteries all the way back in the summer of 2021, it was a very different time; the UK was emerging from another lockdown and there was a growing smell of barques coming from residential gardens as the country became swept away in the epidemic of international football mania.

    Because of this, you might have not contemplated what the lights scattered around your garden were distributing and therefore you might have forgotten the importance of making the switch from more traditional lights to more environmentally friendly ones.

    2022 promises reasons to be an optimistic year regarding solar powered and environmentally friendly products. Other than the fact consumers are starting to garner a clear understanding of their carbon footprint, experts are coming up with new and exciting ways to still have the same unbeatable energy whilst simultaneously helping the environment.

    Reducing your

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  7. Everything you need to know about solar lights

    If you are considering investing in solar lights for your garden you probably have questions about how they work? Don’t worry, Vapextech are the leading supplier of solar light batteries and have a team of specialists equipped with years of knowledge. For this blog, we will give you all the information before you buy solar lights.

    How do solar lights work?

    Solar lights use the power from the batteries that the solar panel has collected throughout the day. Typically they use LED bulbs to provide light as they are an efficient way of converting the power back into the light. At dusk, the lights will sense the reduction in sunlight and turn the LED bulbs on. A lot of modern solar lights will have an on/off switch so you can override when you don't want the lights on.

    Why do solar products need batteries?

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  8. Solar Light Batteries Ready for Summer

    With the sunshine finally here, there’s no better time to revamp the look of your garden with an investment in solar light batteries. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you will also have a spectacular light display for your garden paths once the sun goes down. They can become the perfect talking piece during one of those summer night barbeques with friends and family!

    What are the advantages of solar lights?

    Here are just some of the main benefits of using solar lights -

    1. Reliance on fossil fuels - Using green energy solutions (such as solar power), helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We will continue to lower our carbon footprint by lessening our use of fossil fuels plus by using solar battery storage you will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

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  9. What is the best way to store Lipo Batteries?

    In times gone by, we used to run cars and aeroplanes until the batteries gave up, before waiting for the next time we could use them again. Put simply, we just stored them dead; however, this is not the case with LiPo batteries. Having said this, LiPo's should not be stored at full charge either. We would recommend storing them at room temperature at 3.8v per cell to get the longest life out of them. The majority of modern computerised chargers have a Lipo storage function that charges the batteries up to that voltage or discharges them down to that voltage.

    Understanding Lipo Batteries

    Vapextech would recommend that customers put their Lipo's in storage mode after every run, as making this force of habit will benefit you in the long run. This means you don't have to worry about whether or not you remembered to put it in storage.

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  10. The basic of NiMH batteries

    NiMH stands for nickel-metal hydride, which is one of the most successful batteries in history. It uses the same nickel-hydroxide positive electrode and KOH electrolyte as the Nickel-Cadmium battery but uses hydrogen gas to replace the cadmium in the negative electrode. The nickel-hydrogen battery is mostly used in low-orbit satellites, which charge and discharge the batteries on every pass around the earth, and requires a long cycle-life battery. Nickel-hydrogen cells have a cycle life of tens of thousands of cycles.

    How to charge NiMH batteries

    There are a number of charging methods that can be used with nickel-metal hydride batteries, although sometimes this isn't as straightforward as other types of cell or batteries. NiMH cells, similar to NiCds require charging with a constant current with the rate of charge typically specified on the case of the cell, with this rate not to be exceeded. Within the boundary of constant current charging, there are a number of techniques

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