1. Understanding Battery Voltages

    In general, when people are looking for batteries, they tend to pay more attention to the battery size such as AA, AAA, and so on. However, batteries can also be classified by voltage. If you haven’t noticed the voltage figures on a pack of batteries before, you won’t be familiar with the meaning of voltage and the difference between volts.

    But you’re in luck, we’ve put together this article to explain all you need to know about battery voltages. So, next time you’re deciding on what Vapextech batteries to get, refer back to this article, we will help to guide you through the understanding of different voltages.

    What is Battery Voltage?

    The term “battery voltage” me

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  2. Frequently Asked Questions About Lipo Batteries

    In many of our previous blogs, we have covered the various intricacies of Lipo batteries, as well as the different sizes and voltages they come in. From 6v to 7.2v batteries, they come in all shapes and sizes. Vapextech’s industry-recognised Lipo batteries are some of the most popular and widely used batteries on the market today.

    Because they are so popular, these batteries garner quite a lot of interest from our customers. As a result, we are frequently asked questions about them. So, we have decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Lipo batteries in our latest blog.

    What I

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  3. Model Batteries: A Guide To Radio Control Cars

    Back in May, we provided a detailed guide on how to secure a race day success by using our model batteries or, as they are sometimes called, lipo batteries. However, we later realised that to the uninitiated, exactly what radio control cars are, how they are used and how our batteries work to benefit them might seem rather confusing. 

    As such, we have decided to detail a guide illustrating what radio control cars are, how they are used and why our batteries are so important for them. So, without further ado, let’s look at the functions of radio controlled cars in more depth. 

    What Are Radio Controlled Cars?

    For those of you not in the know, radio controlled cars, or RC cars for short, are miniature model vehicles w

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  4. Airsoft Batteries: Playing Airsoft In The Summer

    We last spoke to you about our industry leading airsoft batteries, and subsequently the sport of airsoft, all the way back in April. We provided an extensive guide on how you can use our fantastic airsoft batteries to take you to battlefield success. 

    Now that summer has officially arrived, some might think that the opportunity to play airsoft has significantly decreased. However, this is definitely not the case. Many players actually cite playing airsoft in the summer as being one of, if not the best, times to play the sport.  

    This being said, there are a couple of caveats to playing the sport when the temperatures

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  5. Solar Light Batteries To Light Up Your Garden This Summer

    Back in February, we alluded to the fact that solar light batteries and solar lights in general were going to be important. Looking back, we are actually quite shock at how spot on some of our predictions actually were. 

    With summer officially starting, we thought it an opportune time to revisit solar light batteries to see how right some of our predictions and more broadly; look at why you should invest in solar lights this summer. 

    Perfect For The Summer

    It is to no one's surprise that the summertime is by far the most popular time for solar lights. Afterall, why wouldn’t they be? During the summer, more and more vacate to t

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  6. 8 Reasons To Choose An 8 Bay Chargers

    At Vapextech, one of our most popular items is our beloved 8 bay charger. In many of our previous blogs, we have sung the praises of these highly practical and extremely beneficial chargers. Capable of charging from 1 to 8 AA or AAA batteries; our chargers are a clear industry leader and one of, if not the best, charger solutions we have here at Vapextech. 

    Because we love our 8 bay chargers, we thought it a good time to detail 8 reasons to choose our 8 bay chargers. There are many reasons to invest in our wonderful chargers and it has proven rather difficult to narrow it down to just 8. However, that is exactly what we will do here. 


    Our unique chargers that can accommodate 8 batteries are extremely durable.The charger itself is

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  7. Why Do We Need To Recycle Batteries

    Did you know; in the UK only 27% of all batteries purchased are actually recycled? It is also estimated that the average British household uses at least 10 batteries a year which roughly translates to 60,000 tonnes worth of batteries every year. 

    But what does all of this mean? Well, this means that tonnes of Co2 emissions could be avoided if more batteries were recycled. In fact, it is often cited that over 20,000 batteries unnecessarily fill up landfills in the UK alone. 

    Over the last decade or so, there has been a general push towards being more environmentally friendly. Underpinned by the UK government’s Green Deal which was established back in January 2013; more and more Britons have been making the extra effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And in the battery industry, there is no difference. 

    So whether you have

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  8. Model Batteries Taking You To Race Day Victory

    The sport of model racing seems to be growing in popularity year on year. The pastime’s surge in popularity has made the sport extremely competitive, entertaining and high octane. Because of this; more and more racers are looking for a reliable and high performancing battery source to enable the biggest chance of race day success. Luckily, at Vapextech, we sell industry leading model batteries.

    We supply model batteries in a range of sizes and voltages to meet your requirements. Be it 4.4v or 6.6v batteries, we will have a voltage to suit you. Our industry leading batteries also come in Lipo and Life batteries style. 

    While t

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  9. Airsoft Batteries: A Guide to Battlefield Success

    Airsoft batteries, rather unsurprisingly, power Airsoft guns which allow you to participate in the exciting world of Airsoft.If you are not already in the know, Airsoft is a team game which sees opposing players take to the battlefield and attempt to secure victory by eliminating the other team. You eliminate the other team by tagging them. You tag an opposing player by hitting them with a spherical plastic projectile launch from your trusty Airsoft gun. 

    First played in Japan in the early 1970s, this hyperactive game has seen a healthy resurgence since the COVID 19 pandemic. At the heart of this admittedly fashionating resurgence is the faithful Airsoft batteries. 

    The Airsoft batteries' ever expanding range includes life

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  10. A Guide to Mobile Phone Batteries

    At Vapextech we have a plethora of knowledge regarding all manners from batteries. From 9.9v batteries to model batteries or airsoft batteries; our overall knowledge of batteries is all encompassing and unrivaled. 


    However, there is one battery that arguably garners the most attention. By this we of course the sometimes dreaded mobile phone battery. Although we no longer have such strict covid restrictions compared to this time last year; we are potentially more dependent on phone batteries now more than ever. 

    Whilst mobile phone batteries might not share that much in common with say life batteries, or the previously mentioned airsoft batteries, phone batteries are quite interesting devices. 

    How Do They Work


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