8 cell charger

  1. Don’t Be Without Your 8 Cell Charger

    The 8 cell charger from Vapextech is a portable device which will enable you to charge a collection of rechargeable batteries anywhere around your home, workplace or in a vehicle. You will never be short of battery power again with this highly adaptive piece of kit. AA and AAA batteries are the most common sizes being compatible with many everyday items. From cameras, remote control handsets, electric toothbrushes, torches, and many toys and games consoles. These batteries are now a part of everyday life and feature in every room in our homes and workplaces.

    Buy Your 8 Cell Charger Online at Vapextech

    The perfect way to recharge your Vapextech AA and AAA batteries is with our own 8 cell charger. It is one

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  2. Battery Chargers to Keep You Fully Charged!

    Vapextech has a range of battery chargers to suit the types of rechargeable batteries you use. Not all battery chargers are the same, so it is important for safety and function that you get the right battery charger. We have chargers for standard rechargeable batteries, airsoft batteries, model batteries, and lipo batteries.

    Battery Chargers for Standard, Model, Airsoft and LIPO Batteries

    Standard Battery Chargers: We have three standard rechargeable battery chargers available to buy online. For a Fast Univeral Smart Charger capable of recharging a mix of AA AAA C D PP3, we’ve got that covered. It is available with adapters for the UK, European Union, US, and Australia. The perfect companion for travellers. If you only need to charge AA or AAA NiMh batteries then the smart 8 bay chardger is for you.

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