Choosing the right batteries for your radio control car is based on a number variables such as cost, connector, compatibility and dimensions. 

Here at Vapextech, we understand the importance of investing in the best batteries for your model, which is why we have put together this handy guide to all the factors mentioned above.

If your model has a battery included, it is often selected by the manufacturer for a balance of performance, weight and production cost. Some enthusiasts will want to buy batteries for their own financial needs.
A number of smaller capacity batteries are often cheaper, which gives you the same combined runtime of a larger capacity battery whilst avoiding the higher price and often additional weight.

Connector Type
You will need to check which connector type your ESC or current battery is shipped with. If you need any assistance in identifying your connector type, please get in touch.

ESC Compatibility
You will also need to check that your ESC is compatible with your new battery. This is not just the case of switching from, for example NiMh to LiPo batteries, but also when choosing a battery with more cells. This information can usually be found from the manufacturer or in the instruction booklet of your model.

Physical Restrictions
Your battery tray dimensions will limit how many batteries will fit into your model. Some models offer a clamp-style setup which can be shimmed to increase its capacity.
Some users will not use battery trays and instead use employ Velcro straps to secure the battery to the chassis. It is also worth considering your battery's weight as fitting a larger, heavier battery will alter your model's performance and handling characteristics, shifting its centre of gravity.

Battery Chargers
Using an intelligent charger can make all the difference, which can get you back out driving in a fraction of the time whilst ensuring your batteries are properly cared for.

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