Automatic electric guns (AEG’s) run on batteries to function, but choosing the wrong ones can cause the device to die if incorrect.

Here at Vapextech, we are the leading providers of 9.6v batteries and other products, which can be used for airsoft AEG's.

Considerations for AEG Batteries

For our latest blog, we will focus on the sort of batteries that work best for airsoft guns and important considerations when making your purchase.

Battery Connector -
Firstly you should look at the way your battery connects to the gun, as this can make or break whether the battery is compatible. Everything else makes the battery 'optimal' for your automatic electric gun, but if the connection is not right, it simply won't connect.

Deans (T Connector) -
The mini Tamiya connector is the most common battery connecter as it is small and comes with the majority of airsoft guns.
The standard Tamiya connector is found on older weapons, and are much larger than the mini model and less common.
Deans, sometimes known as a T-connector, are often the preferred connector of choice as they provide better surface contact for the contact leading to less resistance in the circuit.

Voltage -
Airsoft batteries are available in a range of voltages of between 7.2v and 12.8v, with most airsoft guns running on a range of between 7.2v and 9.6v batteries.
The higher voltage provides a greater flow of electrical current to the motor giving your airsoft gun a faster rate of fire and trigger response.
Beware though as a higher voltage can cause 'arcing' across the trigger contacts which leads to overspin and erratic trigger response which can be damaging. Higher voltage puts more strain on the internals and causes them to fail earlier than expected.

MilliAmp Hours (MaH) - The MilliAmp Hours rating of the battery is how long it will power your gun for. Although there is no easy way of telling how many MilliAmps your airsoft gun uses per hour, usually 2 or 3 batteries should last a game day. Vapextech would recommend taking at least one spare battery into the game with you, just in case.

Battery Chemistry -
Batteries can be composed of many different chemicals, with most having a composition of NiMh, which is considered of the 'safest' batteries for airsofts. This means they can be fully discharged and recharged, and charged with the simplest of chargers despite still containing acid, chemicals and electricity.

LiPo batteries are also becoming more popular as they offer huge power output from a small package which makes them ideal for compact weapons.

9.6v Batteries Available Now from Vapextech

Vapextech offers the finest 9.6v batteries on the market, which as mentioned above, can be used for airsoft guns.

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