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  1. Why are Lipo Batteries So Popular in the RC World?

    Lipo batteries that have taken the electric rechargeable battery world by storm, especially for helicopters, planes plus drones.

    They are the main reason that electric flight is a viable option instead of fuel-powered models.

    Here Vapextech will share five reasons to use LiPo batteries.

    Five Advantages of Lipo Batteries

    There are five main ways that Lipos are the optimum battery for RC planes and helicopters instead of conventional rechargeable batteries such as NiCad or NiMH.

    • They are lightweight and can be made in almost any shape and size
    • Lipos have large capacities which means they can hold lots of energy in a high-energy, small package
    • They are very good at maintaining a consistent power output as they discharge. The voltage when they are reaching
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  2. Your Guide to Safely Handling Batteries

    Batteries are used by many of us on a daily basis, whether it is for the television remote, our wristwatches or a new toy for one of our children.

    This is why handling batteries properly is so important. Here at Vapextech, we have years of experience in handling many different kinds of batteries safely.

    For our latest post, we are going to explore the handling of batteries in greater detail.

    It does not matter if you have been using the same batteries for a number of years, or use basic AA batteries occasionally; you should take some time to understand how they work and any dangers associated with them.

    Installing and Removing Batteries Properly

    It may feel like common sense, but it is often forgotten that the + and - symbols on your battery are an important part of installing them in your device. This means the terminals should also be aligned accordingly.

    Using batteries that

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  3. How to Safely Store LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries are mainly used for drones and other radio-controlled devices which require extra care for storage.

    Here at Vapextech, we understand the importance of getting the best out of your batteries, which is why we are sharing some handy tips to store your LiPo batteries in our latest blog.

    Using LiPo Storage Bags Effectively

    LiPo batteries contain very reactive chemicals in them (which produces more power), meaning they need to be handled gently and treated with the utmost care.

    To start, you can insulate the leads which can be as simple as putting a rubber cap or some electrical tape on all of the leads which includes balance leads and the main power leads.
    You want to at least have a LiPo storage bag (which is fire-retardant), which will give you a little more time to react but won't completely stifle the flames.

    Guidelines for Storing LiPo Batteries

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  4. Your Guide to Charging LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries from Vapextech are popular for use in the model industry for radio controlled equipment and airsoft purposes.
    Also regularly used for personal electronics and electrical vehicles these batteries are delivered in a pouch format and have become the default for many types of equipment and appliances.

    In this blog we are going to focus on the best methods to charge lithium batteries safely.

    The Basics of Charging LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries charge differently to pretty much every other battery on the market. The charging cycle starting with the constant voltage being applied across the battery terminals that are slightly higher than the voltage the battery is resting at.
    Once the battery reaches set voltage the current flow is slowed and will eventually stop.

    Remember to not overcharge LiPo batteries as although they will accept the charge, they will become

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  5. Get your LiPo Batteries for Hobby Month

    Welcome to Vapextech, we’re the home of LiPo batteries - one of the most popular and used rechargeable batteries available. January marks Hobby Month for the celebration of those personal activities and interests we have, that keep our mind active in our downtime. Hobbies come in all forms and here at Vapextech, we provide the power needed for hobbies such as RC and model vehicle enthusiasts and Airsoft soldiers. Our batteries are light, powerful and eclipse others in terms of performance - So find out why our LiPo batteries will keep you charged during Hobby Month!

    Why LiPo Batteries are all you’ll need dur

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  6. Lipo Batteries for Model Vehicles

    Lipo batteries are a popular 21st century electrical source. Used as model batteries, they provide energy for radio controlled cars, aircraft and boats of many kinds. Some people consider them to be prone to over heating and a fire risk. But when handled and used correctly, they are a safe and versatile means of powering many types of models, and Summer is the season to get the most enjoyment out of this hobby. More common than you might think, we use lipo batteries on a daily basis in phones, laptops, tablets and many other devices away from the radio controlled model scene.

    High Power Lipo Batteries

    Lipo batteries certainly pack a power punch by delivering as much as four times the amount of energy density compared to the equivalent nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries. Another unique characteristic is

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  7. Lipo Batteries and Safety Precautions

    Lipo batteries have been a revolution in power cell technology over the past ten years. The benefits to radio control model fans and Airsoft enthusiasts is a lightweight battery which provides excellent output and performance. When compared to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the Lithium Polymer (ion) batteries (Lipo) can be formed into almost any shape and dimension. Being lightweight makes them ideal for flying model planes and helicopters. By offering higher capacities they store more power. Being more powerful, they have a higher discharge, leading to a more responsive experience whether you are driving a radio control buggy or pulling the trigger on an Airsoft electric gun.

    However, all is not plain sailing with these batteries, due to their higher discharge they generally have a shorter usage time. More critically, they contain a delicate chemistry. They can be easily damaged if they are not stored, used, or charged correctly. Failure to

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  8. LiPO Batteries for Summer Flying Events

    For radio control model aircraft enthusiasts now is the time to make sure you have a full stock of LiPo batteries. Late spring and summer is the time of year to make the most of your favourite hobby and past time. The light nights and the promise of sunny weather are an exciting prospect to anyone who likes to see their model plane take to the skies. Whether it’s a cell of 6v batteries or something with more kick, we have the LiPo batteries to help you take off, fly, and land your plane or helicopter in complete control.

    LiPO Batteries and Aircraft Power Packs

    LiPo batteries are essential to the communication between you the pilot on the ground and your radio control model up in the air. They are the source of power to the transmitters and receivers so that you can control the throttle and direction of your aircraft from take off to landing. Famed for their incredible power output a

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  9. All You Need to Know about LiPo Batteries

    Here at Vapextech, we are one of the leading suppliers of LiPo Batteries, which have a variety of uses.

    For our latest blog, we are going to talk you through the internal structure of your LiPo battery, to give you a better understanding of how they work.

    What is the Internal Structure of LiPo Batteries?

    If you open up a LiPo battery pouch cell, you will find the following -

    A long piece of thin white plastic microporous film, with the thin lithium carbon-coated aluminium and copper anode and cathode electrodes laminated in an alternating pattern on both the front and backside of the polymer separator film.
    The long film (which is over 7 feet long for 5000 mAh cell) is folded back and forth upon itself resulting in an alternating anode/cathode stacking with the continuous thin layer of polymer separator in between

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  10. Lipo Batteries with Powerful Voltage

    Lipo batteries have a different range of voltages. This is indicated by the “V” on the battery itself. A typical Lipo battery cell will have a nominal (resting) voltage of 3.7 volts. Sitting bang in the middle of its maximum charge of 4.2 volts per cell and the minimum and safe charged rate of 3.0 volts. This is why 7.4 volt batteries are a configuration of 2 cells, ie double the nominal voltage.

    The voltage of a battery pack is essentially going to determine how fast your vehicle is going to go or potentially influence the discharge of your Airsoft weapon. Vapextech lipo batteries range from 7.4v to 11.1 volt batteries giving you a wide range of power sources for you

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