As the UK’s leading supplier of airsoft batteries, Vapextech understand the importance of maintaining your gun to guarantee the best performance.

Airsoft guns are in an investment that you will want to look after properly, so it can be enjoyed for years to come. If your gun malfunctions due to poor care or wears out prematurely, this is unnecessary and completely avoidable. Keeping your gun clean and well maintained is also crucial with regards to safety and preventing accidents.

For our latest blog, Vapextech has put together some handy maintenance instructions to ensure your gun remains in working order.

4 Steps to Essential Gun Maintenance

1. Cleaning the Barrel - Occasionally you will need to clean your airsoft guns barrel. This is often an indication your BBs are deviating vertically when the gun is being fired. Cleaning out the barrel is simple, as all you need is a cleaning rod plus a piece of good-quality paper towel.

Follow these four simple steps to clean out your barrel -

  • Use a strip of paper towel to thread through the tip of the cleaning rod. Try to get a strip of paper towel about three inches long by half an inch wide.
  • Lightly spray silicone lubricant onto the strip
  • Insert your cleaning rod into the barrel, strip first
  • Carefully spin the rod while moving it down the length of the barrel. Repeat this process, if required.

2. Lubricate Your Gun - If your airsoft gun is jamming or mis-feeding, the gearbox or the hop-up may need lubricating. You can do this by removing the magazine and fire a few times in semi-auto mode, making sure the hop-up doesn't have any BBs in it. Place your gun upside down on your lap and use a bottle of silicon oil to spray into the hop-up a few times. We would recommend using the oil sparingly, then allowing it to sit for a few minutes to ensure it can seep into the hop-up.

Your gearbox may also need lubricating too. To complete this task you will firstly need to remove the motor. Now you will be able to see a small hole at the bottom of the gearbox and spray silicone oil into it a number of times. Give the oil time to work its way into the gearbox by leaving the gun upside down for a number of minutes.

3. Magazine Care - Taking care of the magazine of your airsoft gun will be different, depending on the type of gun you own. For spring and electric airsofts, you need to ensure the magazine is emptied after each use to preserve the spring strength.
For gas airsoft guns the magazine should be left pressurised, which helps to keep all necessary components intact. If you are using gas that does not have silicon lubricant in it, you will need to add a drop on the internals. Make sure when you expel gas from the gun and that you do not use the release valve. This could lead to freezing the O-ring which results in future gas leakage.

4. Unjamming Your Gun - Despite your valiant efforts to maintain your gun, jams can still happen for the following reasons -

  • Excessive dirt, debris or residue inside the barrel
  • Deformed or dirty BBs
  • Accumulation of debris or dirt in the magazine
  • Damaged nozzles or tappet plates
  • Deformed or damaged hop-ups or a hop-up that is too tight

If your gun jams, you will need to clear it immediately. Stop firing and turn off the hop-up. Insert the opposite end of a cleaning rod into its barrel. Turn the gun upside down and gently push the jammed BB back inside the magazine. Finally, test fire the gun and if the jamming continues, you will need to contact your local airsoft dealer for more in-depth maintenance.

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