While charging 6v batteries is no different than charging any other voltage batteries, you will need to ensure that you are using the correct charger.

As a specialist supplier of 6-volt batteries, Vapextech understands the importance of choosing and maintaining your batteries to utilise their maximum lifespan.

One example of correct charging is using a suitable lead-acid charger for a 6-volt lead-acid battery which is used for marine vessels or recreational vehicles.

For nickel or lithium-based batteries used for power cordless tools, they must be charged using a charger designed specifically for this chemical base.

6 Steps to Effective Battery Charging

Here is our simple 6-step guide to effectively charging 6-volt batteries -

1. Chemical Base of the Battery - First, you will need to determine the chemical base of the 6-volt battery, meaning if it is a lead-acid battery it will say LA or SLA on its labels. Alternatively, if it is a nickel battery it will be labelled NiCd or NiMH or if it is a lithium battery, it will say Li-Ion. Now make sure you have the correct charger for the type of battery that needs charging.

2. Connect Your Battery - Attach the battery cable clamp on the end of the red wire from the charger onto the '+' terminal of the battery and the cable clamp on the end of the black wire from the charger onto the '-' terminal of the battery, if the 6v battery is lead-acid.

3. Insert Battery into Charger - Insert the battery into the charger, if your 6v battery is lithium or nickel-based. Ensure the batteries plus and minus terminals match the chargers.

4. Set to Charge at 6 Volts - Now, set your charger to charge at 6 volts, if there is a variable charge feature which applies to both a lead-acid and nickel or lithium charger. Charging at a higher rate damages batteries and can be dangerous, whereas charging at a lower rate will not cause any damage but will take considerably longer.

5. Turn on the Charger - Make sure the charge light indicator illuminates to confirm charging has started.

6. Relax and Let Your Batteries Charge - Now you can relax and let your batteries charge. The charge light will turn off or change colour once your nickel or lithium-based battery is fully charged. Remember, lead-acid batteries will continue to charge until you turn them off.
Using normal charge settings, you can expect a 6-volt battery to charge within a couple of hours. If you use a boost charge then this can be completed within an hour, but a trickle charge will require you to leave your batteries for between 6 and 12 hours before turning off the charger.

Now you can remove your nickel or lithium-based battery from your charger or remove the cable clamps that are attached to the two battery terminals if your battery is lead-acid.

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