Choosing the right battery for your model car comes down to four factors - cost, connector, compatibility and dimensions.
For our latest blog, we are going to explore these options and explain them in greater detail.

Here at Vapextech, we specialise in Airsoft 9.6v batteries that are equipped with high capacity cells for longer running times which ensure that our batteries are long-lasting.

Four Factors when Choosing Batteries

Cost - Some models have the batteries included which can be selected by the manufacturer with the aim to balance performance, weight and production cost. Many enthusiasts though choose to buy their own batteries. Smaller capacity batteries are often cheaper, but you can't always guarantee consistent performance. We would recommend Airsoft batteries, which combine affordability and a competitive price.
Connector Type – Specialists from Vapextech would also recommend checking which connector type your ESC or current battery is shipped with.
ESC Compatibility - Following the previous point, check your ESC is compatible with the new battery. This does not just apply to switch chemistries from, for example - NiMh and LiPo, but also selecting batteries with more cells.
Physical Restrictions - The battery tray dimensions are the most obvious limit to fitting a battery. Some models offer a clamp-style setup that can be shimmed to creates its capacity. Some users do away with battery trays altogether, employing velcro straps that secure the battery to the chassis.

It is also worth mentioning that the weight of the battery, as fitting larger and heavier batteries that are specified by manufacturers will alter the performance and particular characteristics of the model that moves its centre of gravity.

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