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LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries stands for lithium polymer battery and is one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery available. They have taken the battery world by storm and are often used in the model industry for radio controlled equipment and airsoft purposes, as well as in personal electronics and electric vehicles.These batteries are delivered in a pouch format and come in an extensive selection of different types and are now the default for many types of equipment and appliances.

So Why are LiPo Batteries So Popular?

There are many advantages to using LiPo batteries and here are four of the most popular reasons to choose LiPo:

  • LiPo batteries are incredibly lightweight and this has made them incredibly popular for radio controlled aircrafts and cars
  • They can also be made into pretty much any shape and this makes them incredibly versatile.
  • LiPo batteries usually have large capacities in small packages, holding lots of power but not requiring large amounts of space.
  • They have high discharge rates which can cope with demanding applications.  

Vapextech LiPo Batteries:

The benefits are numerous, but most centre around the space to power ratio, making them incredibly useful in an array of different technologies. Here at Vapextech we stock a wide range of LiPo batteries for you to choose from. We’re exclusive suppliers of Vapextech batteries in the UK and pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of choice. We specialise in model and airsoft LiPo batteries in many voltages and configurations, browse through our full range online. We also give special discounts on some of our LiPo batteries, if you’re purchasing a few, so watch out for these deals!

Find out more today!

If you would like to find out more about our LiPo batteries, or any other of our products then please get in touch with a member of our expert team.