LiPo batteries are mainly used for drones and other radio-controlled devices which require extra care for storage.

Here at Vapextech, we understand the importance of getting the best out of your batteries, which is why we are sharing some handy tips to store your LiPo batteries in our latest blog.

Using LiPo Storage Bags Effectively

LiPo batteries contain very reactive chemicals in them (which produces more power), meaning they need to be handled gently and treated with the utmost care.

To start, you can insulate the leads which can be as simple as putting a rubber cap or some electrical tape on all of the leads which includes balance leads and the main power leads.
You want to at least have a LiPo storage bag (which is fire-retardant), which will give you a little more time to react but won't completely stifle the flames.

Guidelines for Storing LiPo Batteries

Here are five handy tips to help you to store LiPo batteries safely -

1. Try to store batteries in locations that are as fireproof as possible, with some good examples including on the concrete in your garage or in glass or metal box away from carpet or wood.
2. Store your batteries in a temperature-controlled location which is dry and not too hot or cold.
3. Another option is to store your LiPos in ammo boxes.
4. Lipos can also be stored in a container with a bag of sand on top as if something were to happen the sand would fall on the battery and extinguish the flames.
5. Have a fire extinguisher close by and easily accessible.

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