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  1. What is the Best Way to Store Solar Batteries?

    Home battery systems use a solar PV system to charge can be stored in two ways.

    For our latest blog, Vapextech is going to talk you through both methods.

    Two Ways to Store Solar Batteries

    The amount of time that your solar battery can run your home depends on the capacity of the battery system and the level of charge. Some home batteries could potentially power your home for over 24 hours from a full charge because the capacity of the battery is more than the average daily household electricity use. If this is only partially charged, however, or if your battery system with less capacity then your energy won't last as long when powering your home.

    Regarding the life span of a home battery system, this can vary and depends on the make and model of your battery and the way it is being used. While solar batteries are designed and optimised to undergo frequent charging and discharging they will,

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  2. Getting the Best Out Of Your Garden Solar Batteries

    With the summer sunshine on the way, it is now the perfect time to tidy up your garden. This is also the best opportunity to install or check on your garden solar lights.

    It is not uncommon to find that one or more could have stopped working to their optimum quality. This is why we have put together this handy maintenance guide to help you to fix them.

    If you already know what you are looking for, and simply require replacement solar batteries for your garden, Vapextech can help.

    What Should I Do If My Solar Lights Stop Working?

    Firstly, it is important to check all parts of your solar lights to discover which part is not working properly. Your solar panel will need cleaning, as a layer of dirt can build up over time and prevent sunlight from getting through. You will need to position your solar lights in the best position to capture the sunlight, and if

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  3. Your Guide to Safely Handling Batteries

    Batteries are used by many of us on a daily basis, whether it is for the television remote, our wristwatches or a new toy for one of our children.

    This is why handling batteries properly is so important. Here at Vapextech, we have years of experience in handling many different kinds of batteries safely.

    For our latest post, we are going to explore the handling of batteries in greater detail.

    It does not matter if you have been using the same batteries for a number of years, or use basic AA batteries occasionally; you should take some time to understand how they work and any dangers associated with them.

    Installing and Removing Batteries Properly

    It may feel like common sense, but it is often forgotten that the + and - symbols on your battery are an important part of installing them in your device. This means the terminals should also be aligned accordingly.

    Using batteries that

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  4. Five Great Reasons to go Solar Today

    Solar light batteries provide your home with a great way to save money and light up outdoor areas but there are so many other benefits too. At Vapextech, we stock a wide range of solar light batteries that are powered by the sun and have an incredible lifespan. In this blog, we’re going to check out five reasons to go solar today!

    Why go Solar?

    Save Money

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of them all is the fact you can save hundreds of pounds in energy bills or expensive replacements. The photovoltaic cell in our solar light batteries are powered naturally during the day via the sun’s rays which provides sufficient electricity to power you garden lights.

    Keep Safe

    Solar light batteries are the safest of them all and also alleviate the need to have electrical wires outdoors whi

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