1. Choosing the Right Batteries for Your Model Car

    Choosing the right battery for your model car comes down to four factors - cost, connector, compatibility and dimensions.
    For our latest blog, we are going to explore these options and explain them in greater detail.

    Here at Vapextech, we specialise in Airsoft 9.6v batteries that are equipped with high capacity cells for longer running times which ensure that our batteries are long-lasting.

    Four Factors when Choosing Batteries

    Cost - Some models have the batteries included which can be selected by the manufacturer with the aim to balance performance, weight and production cost. Many enthusiasts though choose to buy their own batteries. Smaller capacity batteries are often cheaper, but you can't always guarantee consistent performance. We would recommend Airsoft batteries,

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  2. RC Car Model Batteries

    The radio controlled car racing season is in full swing, and here at Vapextech we’re proud to sponsor some of the most successful racers on show and supply our batteries to many more. The sport has grown in popularity over recent years and now has a dedicated following with many closely watching the season’s developments.

    High Capacity Model Batteries from Vapextech:

    Vapextech model batteries are specifically designed to deal with the demands of model racing and feature high capacity cells for longer running times. They keep their voltage even on high current demand, with minimal voltage drop ensuring that the batteries perform when you need it most, and giving you that edge you need when racing. In addition to supplying RC car model batteries to competitive customers we also provide model batteries for the general public and

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