solar lighting

  1. Solar Light Batteries Ready for Summer

    With the sunshine finally here, there’s no better time to revamp the look of your garden with an investment in solar light batteries. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you will also have a spectacular light display for your garden paths once the sun goes down. They can become the perfect talking piece during one of those summer night barbeques with friends and family!

    What are the advantages of solar lights?

    Here are just some of the main benefits of using solar lights -

    1. Reliance on fossil fuels - Using green energy solutions (such as solar power), helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We will continue to lower our carbon footprint by lessening our use of fossil fuels plus by using solar battery storage you will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

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  2. Five Great Reasons to go Solar Today

    Solar light batteries provide your home with a great way to save money and light up outdoor areas but there are so many other benefits too. At Vapextech, we stock a wide range of solar light batteries that are powered by the sun and have an incredible lifespan. In this blog, we’re going to check out five reasons to go solar today!

    Why go Solar?

    Save Money

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of them all is the fact you can save hundreds of pounds in energy bills or expensive replacements. The photovoltaic cell in our solar light batteries are powered naturally during the day via the sun’s rays which provides sufficient electricity to power you garden lights.

    Keep Safe

    Solar light batteries are the safest of them all and also alleviate the need to have electrical wires outdoors whi

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