6v batteries

  1. What are 6V Batteries?

     A 6-volt battery is made up of a collection of four larger cells, usually D batteries with 1.5V per cell. This composition means 6-v batteries offer more space for energy storage and thicker plates for sturdiness increasing their longevity.

    Most 6-volt batteries are also deep-cycled to maximise their capacity to store and discharge energy which makes them great for those with a limited or specific budget. They are extremely popular with motorists and electricians alike because they extend the cycle of charging and discharging.

    What Makes 6-Volt Batteries a Better Energy Source Option?

    Due to its components and construction, 6-volt batteries have a higher voltage capacity, longer usability plus a slower discharge rate. This is because it is typically used as pairs wired in a series which make a 12-volt power supply. This is the standard energy rate to power up a number of electrical devices. Wiring batteries in a series gives the user higher battery capacity

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  2. Your Guide to Charging 6v Batteries

    While charging 6v batteries is no different than charging any other voltage batteries, you will need to ensure that you are using the correct charger.

    As a specialist supplier of 6-volt batteries, Vapextech understands the importance of choosing and maintaining your batteries to utilise their maximum lifespan.

    One example of correct charging is using a suitable lead-acid charger for a 6-volt lead-acid battery which is used for marine vessels or recreational vehicles.

    For nickel or lithium-based batteries used for power cordless tools, they must be charged using a charger designed specifically for this chemical base.

    6 Steps to Effective Battery Charging

    Here is our simple 6-step guide to effectively charging 6-volt batteries -

    1. Chemical Base of the Battery - First,

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  3. 6v Batteries for Under £20

    6v batteries from Vapextech combine power and great value. We have a selection to suit a range of uses – and all for under £20! Here’s a quick rundown of some of the batteries, battery packs and products you can buy online from us.

    Find Your 6v Batteries at Vapextech

    Bundles of AAA and AA 6v battery cells are grouped to form receiver packs. Receivers are vital in the transmission of radio waves to control the direction and speed of a radio-controlled model vehicle. Depending upon the type of battery holder you can choose square, flat or hump batt

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  4. 6v Batteries for Classic Cameras

    6v batteries are the power sources for both digital and film cameras. It is a paradox of the digital age that there is a resurgent niche market for film cameras. It is now easier than ever to capture everyday events and share them via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in a matter of seconds.

    Shooting on film has now become a more considered means of photography. For those with a passion for film and traditional photographic techniques you still need 6v batteries to enable you to get creative.

    6v Batteries for Cameras from Vapextech

    6v batteries like the 6V 1400mAh Lithium Camera Battery 2CR5 from Vapextech, commonly fit SLR’s from the 1990’s and the early 2000’s. They fit into the ergonomic grip of cl

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  5. 6v Batteries Are the Key to Radio Control

    6v batteries are the lynchpin to controlling your radio operated model. The ability to turn the transmitted radio waves into the actions which make your radio control model vehicle start, stop and move. All rely on 6v batteries. So how does this all work?

    We live in a world surrounded by radio waves. Transmitting and broadcasting entertainment, music, pictures, conversations, and information around the globe, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

    On a local level, radio waves transmit instructions to devices around our home; a remote-controlled garage door, for example. When you place your baby into his or her cot and switch on the baby monitor, you are relying on radio technology. Not all of these devices use 6v batteries, but your radio controlled

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  6. 6v Rechargeable Batteries for Model Cars and Buggies

    When you need 6v rechargeable batteries to control your radio-controlled vehicle, Vapextech has a fantastic variety to choose from. Desert trucks, buggy’s, monster trucks and short course racers are all reliant upon batteries to keep them under control, even if the engine is powered by a different fuel source. So how does this work?

    A Wide Choice of 6v Rechargeable Batteries to Buy Online

    There is an enormous choice of radio-controlled cars, trucks and buggy’s on the market. From smaller recreational cars at the entry level to the more serious racing enthusiast and club member, the variety is enormous! Top end models can be nitro or petrol fuelled. They are built from robust and complex components. At a ratio of 1:5, 1:6, or 1:8 of their full sized and real life counterparts, the specifications are impressive. With gearing, shock absorbers, a sophisticated steering sys

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