9.6v batteries

  1. How To Store Batteries Properly

    If you are using batteries, it is important to know how to handle them properly.

    Here at Vapextech, we understand there is an element of care when it comes to using batteries. We want to ensure you are storing your batteries safely, which is why we have made this the focus of our latest post.

    Avoid Injuries When Handling Batteries

    While injuries are not common when storing batteries, it is important to remain vigilant. One such area to focus on is avoiding damage or injury. With a number of myths surrounding storage, such as putting batteries in the fridge; we are here to dispel myths and keep you safe.

    Advice on Storing Batteries from Vapextech

    Vapextech would recommend avoiding extreme heat or cold when storing batteries you are not using. These type of conditions will reduce the performance of your batteries.

    Do not store them in your fridge as this could result in corrosion

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  2. Choosing the Best Airsoft Batteries

    Automatic electric guns (AEG’s) run on batteries to function, but choosing the wrong ones can cause the device to die if incorrect.

    Here at Vapextech, we are the leading providers of 9.6v batteries and other products, which can be used for airsoft AEG's.

    Considerations for AEG Batteries

    For our latest blog, we will focus on the sort of batteries that work best for airsoft guns and important considerations when making your purchase.

    Battery Connector -
    Firstly you should look at the way your battery connects to the gun, as this can make or break whether the battery is compatible. Everything else makes the battery 'optimal' for your automatic electric gun, but if the connection is not right, it simply won't connect.

    Deans (T Connector) -
    The mini Tamiya connector is the most common battery connecter as it is small and comes with the majority of airsoft guns.
    The standard Tamiya connector is found on o

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  3. 9.6v Batteries for RC Boat Transmitters

    You will find that “flat” 9.6v batteries are often used in transmitters for radio controlled models. Now that Summer is here, it is a popular time of year to be enjoying radio controlled models of all types. The longer days and better weather encourages many enthusiasts to beauty spots and parks, especially with water. Do you have the 9.6v battery power for your model boats? Vapextech has very competitively priced 9.6v batteries available to buy online.

    9.6v Batteries for Bait Boats

    There are many types of radio controlled boats out there from replica models for fun and leisurely boating to high powered racers. The angling world also has its own specialised radio controlled boat too. The bait boat is a unique specialist radio controlled vehicle used by anglers to deposit bait and lure fish to the area of their rods and lines. The 9.6v bat

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