1. How To Maximise Your Battery's Performance

    Vapextech is the UK's leading supplier of LIPO and airsoft batteries, which means we know a thing or two about maximising their performance.

    To give you a helping hand we have listed below five ways to keep your batteries working well.

    5 Ways to Keep Batteries Working Effectively

    Breaking In New Batteries - New batteries will come with a discharged condition and will need to be fully charged before being used. We would recommend that you fully charge and discharge the new battery 2-4 times which allows it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

    Prevent the Memory Effect - Another recommendation to keep your battery healthy is fully charging and then fully discharging it every 2-3 weeks. The only exception to this rule is Li-Ion batteries which do not suffer from the

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  2. Lift Off With LiPo Batteries

    If you want to obtain the ultimate performance from your electric powered models then nothing comes close to LiPo batteries. In the past, the highest powered batteries tended to be heavy and didn’t perform all that well as they simply added too much weight to the model. This greatly limited the endurance which limited what designers could achieve. But, the rise of the LiPo gas mean many models now have superior speeds, rate of climb and endurance than ever before, even when compared with their internal combustion powered equivalents.


    Last Longer With LiPo Batteries!

    LiPo batteries offer the very best power to weight ratio when compared with all other types. The very low self-discharge level of these batteries means they will retain around 80% of their charge for around 12 months and they are supplied ready to use i

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