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  1. Your Guide to Upgrading Model Batteries

    Upgrading the battery for your RC car is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective upgrade you can have.
    Your batteries will supply the power for the motor, steering, receiver and ESC. For our latest post, we are going to focus on the different types of model batteries used for model cars.

    Three Different Types of Model Batteries

    NiMH Batteries - NiMH batteries (also referred to as Nickel Metal Hydride) are one of the most problem-free types of batteries on the market. Many high capacity NiMH batteries will keep your RC vehicle powered for a considerable amount of time. NiMH's do not tend to suffer from voltage depression, which occurs when the battery is not fully discharged between charging cycles. When you have a partway full condition the battery remembers the shorter cycle which is reduced to a lower capacity which means less run time.

    Here are

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  2. Model Batteries for Hobby Month

    For some, model or RC vehicles might be their first introduction to a hobby. A classic birthday or Christmas present RC cars allow controllers to take control of model vehicles or hand-built machines and push them to the edge of performance potential. While some users simply use their RC car as a pass time, there are those who get hooked on the trill of, how fast can I go? or can I take this corner any faster? RC cars come with many interchangeable parts, but one of the most important parts that you cannot afford to overlook is the model batteries you use. Here at Vapextech, we supply a huge collection of model batteries for racers and hobbyists alike

    Recreational or Competitive Model Batteries for Radio Control cars

    Radio control vehicles are often used as either a pastime or as part of a competition. Whatever the use, the

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  3. Model Batteries for the Perfect Christmas Present

    Christmas is right around the corner and with each passing day, the dilemma of what to get those who mean most to you is creeping in. Radio controlled cars and vehicles are a cliched but brilliant Christmas gift for both enthusiasts and amateurs alike. If you want to create a Home Alone 3 style chase with a remote-control car, you’re going to need the Vapextech range of model batteries.

    Model Batteries from Vapextech

    At Vapextech we specialise in batteries for all hobbies and in particular for a wide selection of radio control model batteries.

    Our batteries are ideally suited to many different RC and aircraft vehicles. Our range of model batteries are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and q

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  4. Model Batteries to Celebrate the RAF Centenary

    Model batteries will be an important part of every enthusiasts’ kit this summer as aviation fans of all ages commemorate the centenary of the RAF. 2018 marks 100 years since the service was founded and airshows involving real aircraft and those dedicated to radio controlled models will look to the skies in honour of the achievements of the Royal Air Force and to remember the airmen and women who have served their country.

    Model Batteries for 2018 Summer Flying Events

    August is a month packed with events all around the country, and if the weather we have experienced during the June and July heatwave continues, it will offer perfect flying conditions for radio controlled aircraft of all types and sizes. Making sure that you have fully charged model batteries and a backup set will ensure that pilots will gain the maximum flying time available during this season. Many o

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  5. Model Batteries and Summer Heat

    Summer is the season when all types of batteries, including model batteries, associated with recreational activities get the most use. Generally, the weather is better, the extra hours of daylight, and a packed summer of gatherings and events within the model communities sees us flying, driving and sailing miniature vehicles. It is always worth being mindful of how batteries are stored, used, transported and charged. With the extra sunshine and heat at this time of year, extra vigilance is required.

    Model Batteries and Safety in the UK Heatwave

    This summer has seen temperatures being broken in the UK as a heatwave has descended over the country with weeks of hot dry weather. This has provided superb conditions for enjoying your radio controlled models and drones. But care must be taken with all model batteries and especially LIPO

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  6. Model Batteries for Summer Model Shows

    Model batteries are an essential part of the kit that keeps all radio-controlled models working. With better weather and longer days during the summer months, enthusiasts are always keen to get out and enjoy flying, boating, and driving. Throughout the season there are plenty of model shows and events of all sizes. From large spectacular events like the International Weston Park Model Show to a smaller gathering of your local model club. Vapextech has a vast choice of batteries suitable for transmitters and receivers.

    Model Batteries for Aircraft, Boats and Cars

    The popularity of radio-controlled models means that you will find clubs and societies where like-minded people gather to share their enjoyment in most towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Some groups are purely recreational, where it is all about the collective fun of being with friends who have the same interest. There are those who like to race their model car, boat, or plane. Depending

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  7. Model Batteries Power Team Dremel Cars

    Model batteries by Vapextech have been powering the radio controlled cars and buggies of Team Dremel for several seasons. The team have been performing very well in the BRCA GT10 National Series.

    Vapextech Model Batteries Race in BRCA Race Events

    2016 ended on a high with both Mark Christopher and Lee Stokes racing their X ray X10’s to the Round 1 A Final of the GT10 class of the BRCA nationals. Decked in Porsche body shells and using LiPo model batteries to harness the power of Reedy M3 1S motors. Mark Christopher followed this up with another finals appearance on the tight and technical track of the Eastbourne Club at Robertsbridge.

    For the uninitiated, the BRCA is the British Radio Car Association. Providing a series of races and events a

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  8. Looking for Model Batteries? Vapextech Has the Answer

    Model batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and voltages. Depending upon the radio controlled vehicle you use, Vapextech has a great choice online. Powering the transmitter and receiver to your plane, helicopter, drone, boat or buggy, is easy when you have Vapextech model batteries on board.

    Model batteries are essential for delivering the power to control the speed and direction of your RC model.

    Add Vapextech Model Batteries to Your Online Shopping List

    NiMH transmitter packs for model batteries are available in a variety of voltages and cell configurations. Shop online to find the right one for your vehicle.

    Receiver packs are available in both NiMH and LiFe batteries and we stock flat, humped,

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  9. Model Batteries Power RC Fun!

    Model batteries are at the heart of our business. Here at Vapextech (UK) we are the importers of Vapextech model batteries and battery products. When you need battery power for your radio controlled model vehicles, we are the people to turn to.

    Browse and search Vapextech online to find the power source you need to keep the RC fun going for longer!

    Model Batteries for All RC Vehicles

    What is your radio controlled model of choice? Are you a miniature power boat fan who likes to make a splash, leaving other models in your wake? Maybe buggy racing is your scene and you like nothing more than burning rubber and tearing around a course. For those who are high flyers with radio controlled model planes and helicopters; we have model batteries for all types of RC vehicles.


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  10. First Choice for Model Batteries this Christmas

    Model batteries are an essential part of any radio controlled model enthusiasts festive season. Whether young or old, the countdown is on to the time of year when new model vehicles are unleashed!

    Imagine getting that dream radio controlled model plane, helicopter or drone but not being able to enjoy it due to a lack of battery power. It could lead to a lot of frustration and disappointment, but here at Vapextech we have the model batteries to ensure your Christmas is cleared for take-off!

    No radio controlled car or buggy should have to remain in its packaging while all the other toys and gifts get powered up and played with. Vapextech has the battery power to ensure any vehicle will be burning rubber around the garden in no time!

    Order Your Model Batteries from Vapextech

    When you buy model batteries from Vapextech you can be confident that

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