If you are considering updating the look of your garden as spring approaches, it is a great opportunity to use solar light batteries from Vapextech.

For our latest blog we are going to explain more about how solar light batteries work, and their benefits for your garden.

Why Should I Replace My Solar Batteries?

If you already have solar batteries employed in your garden, here are some suggestions of when they will need to be replaced.
One of the most common reasons that garden solar lights stop working, is because their rechargeable batteries have worn out.
Rechargeable batteries for your solar lights draw energy from a solar panel which converts sunlight into power that will charge batteries - which in turn, powers your light.

We would recommend replacing the batteries in your solar lights every 12 months or two years. Almost all garden solar lights use low capacity rechargeable batteries, with solar lights, in the past few years using 1.2V NiMH batteries. This type of battery has replaced the old-style NiCd version.

What is the best battery to use in garden solar lights?

There are many different sizes and capacities of 1.2V NiCD and 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries which are used in solar lights. The popular battery size is AA, which is 50.5mm in height and 14.5mm in diameter. The full-size AAA is also very popular, at 44.5mm in height and 10.5mm in diameter, which makes them slimmer than the AA.

Some less popular and harder to find sizes including 2/3AA rechargeable batteries which are two thirds the size of the full-size AA - measuring 31mm x 14.5mm. 2/3AAA rechargeable batteries are two thirds the size of the regular AAA battery, measuring 30mm long and 10.5mm in diameter.

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