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  1. Everything you need to know about solar lights

    If you are considering investing in solar lights for your garden you probably have questions about how they work? Don’t worry, Vapextech are the leading supplier of solar light batteries and have a team of specialists equipped with years of knowledge. For this blog, we will give you all the information before you buy solar lights.

    How do solar lights work?

    Solar lights use the power from the batteries that the solar panel has collected throughout the day. Typically they use LED bulbs to provide light as they are an efficient way of converting the power back into the light. At dusk, the lights will sense the reduction in sunlight and turn the LED bulbs on. A lot of modern solar lights will have an on/off switch so you can override when you don't want the lights on.

    Why do solar products need batteries?

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  2. Solar Light Batteries Ready for Summer

    With the sunshine finally here, there’s no better time to revamp the look of your garden with an investment in solar light batteries. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you will also have a spectacular light display for your garden paths once the sun goes down. They can become the perfect talking piece during one of those summer night barbeques with friends and family!

    What are the advantages of solar lights?

    Here are just some of the main benefits of using solar lights -

    1. Reliance on fossil fuels - Using green energy solutions (such as solar power), helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We will continue to lower our carbon footprint by lessening our use of fossil fuels plus by using solar battery storage you will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

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  3. Buy Your Solar Light Batteries from Vapextech

    Vapextech has designed and produced solar light batteries specifically for garden solar lights. A great value set of these is currently available to buy from our website. They come ready charged so you can just insert them into your garden lights and use them straight away. They are rechargeable and will provide a steady discharge overnight while using the daylight to regain power, if your garden lights have this capability.

    Use Solar Light Batteries and Spend More Time in the Garden

    Spring is here! The nights are lighter and your garden is starting to bloom. The prospect of sunny days, bank holiday barbecues and socialising outside with family and friends is something to look forward to. Making the most of your garden and enjoying time can be extended with the use of garden solar lights. Keeping a regular

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