solar light batteries

  1. Everything you need to know about solar lights

    If you are considering investing in solar lights for your garden you probably have questions about how they work? Don’t worry, Vapextech are the leading supplier of solar light batteries and have a team of specialists equipped with years of knowledge. For this blog, we will give you all the information before you buy solar lights.

    How do solar lights work?

    Solar lights use the power from the batteries that the solar panel has collected throughout the day. Typically they use LED bulbs to provide light as they are an efficient way of converting the power back into the light. At dusk, the lights will sense the reduction in sunlight and turn the LED bulbs on. A lot of modern solar lights will have an on/off switch so you can override when you don't want the lights on.

    Why do solar products need batteries?

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  2. Solar Light Batteries Ready for Summer

    With the sunshine finally here, there’s no better time to revamp the look of your garden with an investment in solar light batteries. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you will also have a spectacular light display for your garden paths once the sun goes down. They can become the perfect talking piece during one of those summer night barbeques with friends and family!

    What are the advantages of solar lights?

    Here are just some of the main benefits of using solar lights -

    1. Reliance on fossil fuels - Using green energy solutions (such as solar power), helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We will continue to lower our carbon footprint by lessening our use of fossil fuels plus by using solar battery storage you will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

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  3. Finding Out More About Solar Light Batteries

    As the nights start to draw in, the use of garden solar lights will only increase for homeowners who enjoy some fresh air in the early evenings.

    If you have not checked them in a while and discover that one or more has stopped working, we are going to share some handy tips to get them working again better and for longer. 

    What Should I Do If My Solar Lights Stop Working?

    Firstly, it is important to check all the components of your solar lights to find out what specific part has stopped working. The solar panel on each light probably will need cleaning, as a layer of dirt can prevent sunlight from getting through. It is important to position your lights in the best direction to get the most sunlight, and if your solar lights tilt, try to get them tilting towards the sun. 

    It is also a good idea to check the battery compartment and keep an eye out for signs of damage including broken wires, rust or water damage. Check your batteries

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  4. What is the Ideal Position for Garden Solar Lights?

    Solar-powered lights are easily the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to illuminate your garden in the evening.

    As not everyone has a landscape designer to hand, you may be unsure where to position your lighting to get the best out of it; but we are here to help!

    Vapextech is the leading provider of solar light batteries, helping to keep gardens across the country looking spectacular.

    In our latest blog, we are going to share some tips on positioning your garden solar lights to achieve the best performance.

    Choosing the Best Solar Lights

    When deciding how to light up your garden, you can't go wrong with solar-powered lights. The type of lights you choose often depends on the spaces you want to light up. For example, solar lights on stakes are a great way to light a pathway.

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  5. Everything You Need to Know about Solar Light Batteries

     If you are considering updating the look of your garden as spring approaches, it is a great opportunity to use solar light batteries from Vapextech.

    For our latest blog we are going to explain more about how solar light batteries work, and their benefits for your garden.

    Why Should I Replace My Solar Batteries?

    If you already have solar batteries employed in your garden, here are some suggestions of when they will need to be replaced.
    One of the most common reasons that garden solar lights stop working, is because their rechargeable batteries have worn out.
    Rechargeable batteries for your solar lights draw energy from a solar panel which converts sunlight into power that will charge batteries - which in turn, powers your light.

    We would recommend replacing the batteries in your solar lights every 12 months or two years. Almost all garden solar

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  6. Solar Light Batteries for the Winter Solstice

    Solar light batteries and the garden lights they power take on a new importance during the month of December. The 21st being the Winter solstice it is the point of the year when the sun is at its lowest point in the northern hemisphere sky. The days are at their shortest and therefore we rely on artificial lighting to be able to see during the extra hours of darkness.

    Solar Light Batteries to Illuminate the Darkest Nights

    Traditionally we adorn our homes and gardens with all types of lights to add festive cheer during the run up to Christmas and through to the New Year. While all of this adds excitement, it would be easy to over look more modest but no less important lighting for our pathways, steps, patios and driveways. The advantage of using battery powered lighting is that it doesn’t rely on having any complex outdoor electrical installations. There is no need for outdoor sockets and the light units themselves can be arranged wherever you need them without employing t

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  7. Solar Light Batteries for Autumn and Winter

    Solar light batteries are an essential part of providing illumination for your garden. We often associate our gardens with Spring flowers and Summer barbecues. But now that the clocks have gone back marking the end of British Summer Time, we reckon your solar lights and most importantly the solar light batteries which power them will be more important. It is darker much earlier now that the nights have drawn in, the Autumn has many other events to enjoy, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. With friends and children calling round to “Trick or Treat”, maybe you’re hosting a gathering to let off fireworks. With Christmas on the horizon people will be going back and forth with busy preparations and decorations. In these dark evenings and early mornings, are your pathways, borders, steps, and areas of decking properly lit? Are there any places which may be a trip hazard after dark?

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  8. Why are Vapextech Solar Light Batteries Different to Others?

    Solar light batteries from Vapextech come fully charged, put them into garden solar lights and use straight away. We manufacture and distribute high quality batteries so that you get the best possible usage out of them. You can be confident of the performance of our solar light batteries. They have a slower discharge when compared to the equivalent sized regular NiMH batteries.

    Vapextech has a range of low self discharge batteries and we offer an LSD model specifically for solar light batteries. Available to buy in packs of ten, you get plenty of battery power for your garden lights. Being rechargeable, you can keep it green and help look after the wider environment, while illuminating yours.


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  9. Solar Light Batteries to Help Santa Land His Sleigh

    Twas the night before Christmas…and Father Christmas was having trouble seeing where to land his sleigh! The solar light batteries had gone flat in the garden lights at number 49. Despite the GPS power of Rudolph’s red nose, this was going to be a tricky delivery....!

    Solar Light Batteries for Long Dark Nights

    Solar light batteries can help bring some much needed illumination to your garden. It is now the point of midwinter. December is the darkest month of the year. We like to bring lights to our homes at Christmas and Yuletide to help lift the spirits. Alongside any lighting decorations which may adorn the exterior of your home, humble solar light batteries can be the power source to light up pathways and decking areas. Avoid trip hazards between the car and the front door as you arrive back from work or school…and remember it’s not just the pos

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  10. Solar Light Batteries for Autumn Nights

    Solar light batteries are perfect for powering lighting in your garden. Now that we have passed the Autumn Equinox the nights are drawing in. This month the clocks change and it gets darker in the evening. Garden lights can make pathways, patios and steps around your home visible when you return home from work or school.

    Solar Light Batteries to Illuminate Your Garden

    Solar light batteries from Vapextech come fully charged and ready to use. Simply take out of the packaging and put them into your solar lights. Place the lighting around your garden or outside space and enjoy!

    Autumnal events like Halloween or Bonfire Night bring family and friends together. Perhaps you are going to have a party?
    It’s a perfect time of year to set up a spooky trail for children and their friends with garden solar lights to light the way. The whizz, bang and crackle of fireworks o

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