Batteries are used by many of us on a daily basis, whether it is for the television remote, our wristwatches or a new toy for one of our children.

This is why handling batteries properly is so important. Here at Vapextech, we have years of experience in handling many different kinds of batteries safely.

For our latest post, we are going to explore the handling of batteries in greater detail.

It does not matter if you have been using the same batteries for a number of years, or use basic AA batteries occasionally; you should take some time to understand how they work and any dangers associated with them.

Installing and Removing Batteries Properly

It may feel like common sense, but it is often forgotten that the + and - symbols on your battery are an important part of installing them in your device. This means the terminals should also be aligned accordingly.

Using batteries that have not been inserted correctly can lead to leakages or rupture which can damage your device too.

Once your batteries have run out, you will need to remove all batteries from your device at the same time and dispose of them properly. Vapextech would recommend recycling your batteries.

Always make sure you replace used batteries with new ones that are the same size and type.

What Should I Do If My Battery Leaks?

If a battery has leaked in your device you will need to take some precautions. Remember, all batteries contain chemicals, and if they leak you will need to make sure any chemicals from the battery are kept away from your eyes or mouth and dispose of them properly.

Another way you can reduce the risk of leaking batteries is by removing them from devices that haven't been used in a considerable amount of time. Store all of your batteries at normal room temperature in a dry place will also help to avoid leakages or rupture.

If batteries get wet they will be covered in a white powdery substance. We would advise handling them as little as possible if this is the case. Remove and dispose of them in a proper manner and make sure you wash your hands properly afterwards.

Should Batteries Become Warm?

If you are using rechargeable batteries and they become warm whilst charging, this is completely normal. The batteries and the charger will become warm while recharging.

If the batteries do become warm when not in use, this, however, is not a normal occurrence and they will need replacing. We would recommend not keeping loose batteries in your pocket or purse as they can be shorted by other metal objects and cause injuries. People who use batteries on a regular basis, such as photographers, should make use of a battery storage box to avoid this.

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