LiPo batteries from Vapextech are popular for use in the model industry for radio controlled equipment and airsoft purposes.
Also regularly used for personal electronics and electrical vehicles these batteries are delivered in a pouch format and have become the default for many types of equipment and appliances.

In this blog we are going to focus on the best methods to charge lithium batteries safely.

The Basics of Charging LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries charge differently to pretty much every other battery on the market. The charging cycle starting with the constant voltage being applied across the battery terminals that are slightly higher than the voltage the battery is resting at.
Once the battery reaches set voltage the current flow is slowed and will eventually stop.

Remember to not overcharge LiPo batteries as although they will accept the charge, they will become volatile and explode.
The majority of LiPo chargers are able to charge many different battery types and although this is a unique feature make sure you never charge your batteries with a charge in the non-LiPo mode as this will cause failure.

Here are some good charging habits to get into –

• As previously mentioned, make sure your charger is in LiPo mode
• Verify the charger is in cell mount mode (e.g. 3S, 4S)
• Make sure the charging rate is accurate for the battery. To get this you will need to divide the battery’s maH number by 1000.
• Crosscheck the batteries cell count by physically looking at the battery or balance connector
• Once charging has started crosscheck series mode with cell count again

We would recommend charging your batteries in a garage, basement with concrete or brick walls or even on your driveway outside of your house but always choose a location you can keep a close eye on it.

Outstanding LiPo Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech is the leading provider of Solar Light and LiPo batteries for the whole of the UK with every unit produced in our well-equipped production plant.

We work to ISO9001 industry standards which ensures every battery that leaves our doorstep is of the highest quality.
If you’d like to know more about our product range, please get in touch today.