Lipo batteries that have taken the electric rechargeable battery world by storm, especially for helicopters, planes plus drones.

They are the main reason that electric flight is a viable option instead of fuel-powered models.

Here Vapextech will share five reasons to use LiPo batteries.

Five Advantages of Lipo Batteries

There are five main ways that Lipos are the optimum battery for RC planes and helicopters instead of conventional rechargeable batteries such as NiCad or NiMH.

  • They are lightweight and can be made in almost any shape and size
  • Lipos have large capacities which means they can hold lots of energy in a high-energy, small package
  • They are very good at maintaining a consistent power output as they discharge. The voltage when they are reaching a fully discharged state is very quick and damaging when compared to NiMH and NiCad batteries.
  • Lipos have a high discharge rate compared to power on the most demanding electric RC 
  • They also allow a fairly high charge rate meaning recharging in an hour or less is possible.

These five benefits are important for any RC model, but for aeroplanes, helicopters and quad/multi-rotor they are the main reason why electric flight has become so popular.

Electric RC cars and RC boats have been around for decades but when LiPo battery technology arrived electric planes, helicopters and quad/multi-rotor started becoming popular and surpassing gas, turbine and even nitro in terms of power to weight ratios.

Power is more critical than weight for RC aircraft because it takes a lot more power to get something airborne. Overcoming gravity uses substantial energy over something that drives on wheels or floats on water.

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