The lipo batteries produced by Vapextech combine great value prices with high quality and performance. For participants and fans of model racing, the British Racing Car Association have approved Vapextech batteries. They are the body which governs competitive racing with model cars of all kinds. With a packed race programme up and down the country it’s never been easier to get involved with a lively and competitive scene both indoors and outdoors.


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The Vapextech website has a dedicated category for lipo batteries used for radio controlled model car packs. We provide lipo batteries which are the power cells for smaller model race cars and buggies. They are also used to power the transmitters and receivers on larger vehicles which require different sources of fuel for their engines. The battery in this context powers the mechanisms for controlling the throttle, steering and brakes remotely. All vital for helping racers in their quest for victory!
Even if you’re not racing your model car or buggy. Vapextech will provide you with high quality batteries at very competitive prices. Ensuring you get more driving time at the best possible price.

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We can advise you on the best practices for the storage and charging of your lipo batteries. To keep your batteries safe while being charged we recommend using a dedicated lipo battery charger. The individual cells need to be kept balanced during the charging process and therefore require an intelligent charger. This type of charger stops over charging which can damage cells and in extreme cases can be a fire risk. They will also repair the power levels in cells with a low voltage safely enabling you to get the maximum longevity out of your lipo batteries.

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