1. Radio Control Model Events on Land, Water, and Air

    The summer is packed with events for radio control model enthusiasts across the country. Making the most of the school holidays, the longer summer days brings people outdoors to enjoy model rallies, events, and competitions. With a packed calendar extending through August and into September 2017. We have the model battery power to keep you sailing, driving, and flying your radio control model for many hours with friends.

    Where will you be taking your 6v batteries for transmitters and receivers? We’ve picked out a few events around the UK to get you inspired or taking part in the world of radio control model planes, cars, and boats.

    Take to the Skies with Model Aircraft Events

    The Large Model Association (LMA) runs a series of model flying events throughout the year and September 2nd and 3rd sees the Much Marcle Model Show 2

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  2. Solar Garden Lights for Dark Evenings

    Solar garden lights add atmosphere to your garden, back yard and outdoor spaces like pathways, patios, and terraces. Once the sun starts to set you can transform an area with carefully positioned lighting. There are many styles of outdoor lighting on the market, each with their own level of luminosity. Some are meant to be attached to buildings or fixtures like sheds and garages for security and visibility, other types of lights are purely decorative to enhance the mood of a space.

    The nights are drawing in as we journey into Autumn and Winter. Shorter days are when solar garden lights get most use. The most common type of solar light for the garden is an independent lighting unit which uses rechargeable solar light batteries. Often positioned into the ground sitting on top of a tapered tube, they cast a soft glow to illuminate the edges of borders, paths, and steps.

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  3. Lipo Batteries and Safety Precautions

    Lipo batteries have been a revolution in power cell technology over the past ten years. The benefits to radio control model fans and Airsoft enthusiasts is a lightweight battery which provides excellent output and performance. When compared to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the Lithium Polymer (ion) batteries (Lipo) can be formed into almost any shape and dimension. Being lightweight makes them ideal for flying model planes and helicopters. By offering higher capacities they store more power. Being more powerful, they have a higher discharge, leading to a more responsive experience whether you are driving a radio control buggy or pulling the trigger on an Airsoft electric gun.

    However, all is not plain sailing with these batteries, due to their higher discharge they generally have a shorter usage time. More critically, they contain a delicate chemistry. They can be easily damaged if they are not stored, used, or charged correctly. Failure to

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  4. Battery Chargers to Keep You Fully Charged!

    Vapextech has a range of battery chargers to suit the types of rechargeable batteries you use. Not all battery chargers are the same, so it is important for safety and function that you get the right battery charger. We have chargers for standard rechargeable batteries, airsoft batteries, model batteries, and lipo batteries.

    Battery Chargers for Standard, Model, Airsoft and LIPO Batteries

    Standard Battery Chargers: We have three standard rechargeable battery chargers available to buy online. For a Fast Univeral Smart Charger capable of recharging a mix of AA AAA C D PP3, we’ve got that covered. It is available with adapters for the UK, European Union, US, and Australia. The perfect companion for travellers. If you only need to charge AA or AAA NiMh batteries then the smart 8 bay chardger is for you.

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  5. The Environmental Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment and Vapextech has a fantastic selection to buy online. The modern world is highly dependent on batteries to power all manner of equipment and gadgets. Choosing the right type of battery can prove to be more cost effective overall for both the environment and your wallet.

    Batteries can contain valuable resources mined from the planet. These resources are finite so it is important to get the maximum use from them. We can all do our bit by using rechargeable batteries wherever possible. Recharging gives a longer battery life when compared with equivalent single use batteries. Which in turn helps to keep the environment free of toxic metals. Even though you may have an extra outlay for a battery charger initially. The performance of standard rechargeable

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  6. Model Batteries for Model Aircraft Rallies

    Make sure your model batteries are in peak condition for this summer’s model aircraft rallies. For fans of radio controlled model aircraft the summer months provide the perfect opportunity to get out and pilot your plane or helicopter when the flying conditions are at their best.

    Model aircraft clubs and associations up and down the country are busy putting on a display for the public or simply for the enjoyment of flying radio controlled models with fellow enthusiasts. This month sees one of the highlights of the calendar with the Large Model Aircraft Rally at the RAF Museum at Cosford. Ever popular, it will see an array of different types of large scale models take to the skies. Whether propeller driven or jet powered, they all rely on model batteries to enable the pilot to control take off, flying and landing t

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  7. 9.6v Batteries for RC Boat Transmitters

    You will find that “flat” 9.6v batteries are often used in transmitters for radio controlled models. Now that Summer is here, it is a popular time of year to be enjoying radio controlled models of all types. The longer days and better weather encourages many enthusiasts to beauty spots and parks, especially with water. Do you have the 9.6v battery power for your model boats? Vapextech has very competitively priced 9.6v batteries available to buy online.

    9.6v Batteries for Bait Boats

    There are many types of radio controlled boats out there from replica models for fun and leisurely boating to high powered racers. The angling world also has its own specialised radio controlled boat too. The bait boat is a unique specialist radio controlled vehicle used by anglers to deposit bait and lure fish to the area of their rods and lines. The 9.6v bat

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  8. Lipo Batteries for Airsoft Events

    Airsoft skirmishers! Make sure you’re stocked up on Lipo batteries because there are plenty of Airsoft Events and skirmishes happening around the country over the Summer months. It is the perfect time of year to get out and active to enjoy the thrill of the “battle”. Whether you are playing as an individual or part of a team, you will not want your power source to let you down. Vapextech supply excellent quality Lipo batteries and packs at very competitive prices.

    Order Your Lipo Batteries in Time for Your Airsoft Events

    Across the UK there are club events, charity events and large national airsoft events spanning several days.
    There are many types of Airsoft games

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  9. LiPO Batteries for Summer Flying Events

    For radio control model aircraft enthusiasts now is the time to make sure you have a full stock of LiPo batteries. Late spring and summer is the time of year to make the most of your favourite hobby and past time. The light nights and the promise of sunny weather are an exciting prospect to anyone who likes to see their model plane take to the skies. Whether it’s a cell of 6v batteries or something with more kick, we have the LiPo batteries to help you take off, fly, and land your plane or helicopter in complete control.

    LiPO Batteries and Aircraft Power Packs

    LiPo batteries are essential to the communication between you the pilot on the ground and your radio control model up in the air. They are the source of power to the transmitters and receivers so that you can control the throttle and direction of your aircraft from take off to landing. Famed for their incredible power output a

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  10. Model Batteries for Shows and Events May 2017

    Have you got your model batteries ready for this month’s shows and events? May is the month where there are two bank holidays giving people extra time to enjoy driving or flying their radio controlled models. With Spring leading into Summer the events calendar will be packed full of gatherings. There are also plenty of shows and events around the country for enthusiasts to take part in, spectate at and get plenty of inspiration.

    Model Batteries for Cars and Buggies

    Members of the British Radio Car Association have competitions running up and down the country over the Bank Holiday at the end of May 2017.

    It’s busy in Cumbria as Kendal Bashers and Racers Raceway hosts 3 events in the Large Scale Models Class. The LSOR 2 Wheel Drive Buggy Class National Series Round 3, the LSOR 4 Wheel Drive Buggy Class National Series Round 3, and the LSOR Short Course Class National Series Round 3 w

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