6v batteries are used to power many devices at home and work. Vapextech has an excellent selection of 6v batteries for recreational activities. If you enjoy RC models, either in your own time, or as part of a club or society, Vapextech has battery power for model planes, helicopters, cars, buggies, and boats.

6v Batteries for Radio Control Models

We have a choice of 6v batteries to provide power to your transmitters and receivers. Depending upon your radio-controlled model vehicle, you have a choice of battery configurations. Flat, hump, or square, you can be confident of a consistent power source to help you keep control on land, water and the air. These battery packs are also compatible with bait boats, enabling anglers to target key areas with their bait via remote control boat.

6v Batteries for Airsoft Sports

Airsoft is a dynamic sport. In the fast and furious world of an Airsoft skirmish, players need a reliable source of power for their Airsoft Electric Guns. Lipo batteries give a discharge with enough kick to provide highly responsive firepower. Essential for all players looking to track down and ambush their opposite numbers in the heat of competition. We supply these batteries in a variety of voltages up to 12v to 14v.

6v Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech offer 6v batteries which are both great quality and competitively priced. The batteries you can buy from us have passed through a complete quality control system covering product design and production, along with a state of the art production plant, this has won us the accreditation of ISO9001.

If you would like to know more about any of our batteries or battery chargers and related products, please contact us today.