The AA AAA C D PP3 battery charger from Vapextech is our most versatile and adaptive battery charger. Capable of charging AA, AAA, C, D, and PP3 standard rechargeable batteries, all of your everyday battery charging requirements can be met.

We must all be more environmentally aware and by making small changes like using rechargeable batteries we can all do our bit to look after the planet. Investing in a battery charger with the capacity to recharge such a wide variety of battery sizes makes sense financially as well as environmentally. We use batteries in all manner of household items on a daily basis without thinking about it..until they run out of power! From making sure the TV remote control is working, to a torch and more. We’ll keep your battery powered household items working.

AA AAA C D PP3 Available With 4 Regional Plugs

Whether you live in Perth, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Madrid or London, the AA AAA C D PP3 battery charger is available with adapter plugs for Australia, the USA, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. If you are someone who travels for work and regularly visits other EU countries, or further afield, then this is the perfect battery charger for you. At just £16.04 (correct at time of publishing) we believe you won’t find a better equivalent battery charger for the same price.

Buy AA AAA C D PP3 Universal Charger Online Today

The AA AAA C D PP3 is in stock and available to buy today from the Vapextech website. When you buy from us we normally despatch your item within one or two working days via next day UK Mail or First Class Royal Mail. If you have any questions about this item or any of our battery related products, please contact us today.