Lipo batteries for radio control cars from Vapextech are an excellent power source at a very competitive price. Whether you drive radio control cars for fun with friends or you take this hobby to a new level within the model community with serious competition in race series around the country. We have the Lipo batteries to get your radio control car or off road buggy pulling away from the start line and tearing around for lots of fun!

Features and Benefits of Lipo Batteries for Car Packs

Lipo batteries provide a high power to weight ratio which is why they are excellent for radio control vehicles. They are highly responsive with a powerful discharge which translates into swift acceleration. This type of performance is achieved through a very specific chemical and structure within the battery pack. When using, storing, and charging your Lipo battery it is advised that specific and extra care is taken. They can be sensitive to impacts which is why Vapextech Lipo car packs all have a rigid plastic outer casing. We take safety seriously; the British radio Car Association (BRCA) approves our car pack batteries. Read our advice on safety precautions for using Lipo batteries.

Buy Lipo Batteries for Radio Control Cars

There are plenty of Lipo batteries to choose from at Vapextech. You can shop online by voltage or battery type category and our battery guides and blog are packed with information about our battery products and radio control car events. When you buy this type of battery from us there is a small delivery charge so that you receive them quickly and safely with a 24 hour deilivery from UK Mail. If you are not sure which Lipo batteries are right for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.