Vapextech has designed and produced solar light batteries specifically for garden solar lights. A great value set of these is currently available to buy from our website. They come ready charged so you can just insert them into your garden lights and use them straight away. They are rechargeable and will provide a steady discharge overnight while using the daylight to regain power, if your garden lights have this capability.

Use Solar Light Batteries and Spend More Time in the Garden

Spring is here! The nights are lighter and your garden is starting to bloom. The prospect of sunny days, bank holiday barbecues and socialising outside with family and friends is something to look forward to. Making the most of your garden and enjoying time can be extended with the use of garden solar lights. Keeping a regular supply of power with a set of solar light batteries from Vapextech will enable you to add illumination to enhance your outdoor space.
Apart from providing aesthetic lighting, there are also several practical benefits. Defining pathways and steps and the edge of borders in your garden reduces trip hazards. Even a low level of lighting in these areas will help your eyes to see an obstacle in these situations. This will lower the risk of falling.

Enjoy Your Garden by Using Solar Light Batteries

Lighting is acknowledged by interior designers as an important part of setting the mood within a home. But we often overlook how lighting can influence a garden or an exterior space. Solar lights can cast soft illumination over pathways and borders. The rechargeable solar light batteries from Vapextech will provide a source of consistent soft lighting for your garden, backyard, or patio.

If you have any questions about our solar light batteries, or any of our battery products, then please contact us.