If you are considering investing in solar lights for your garden you probably have questions about how they work? Don’t worry, Vapextech are the leading supplier of solar light batteries and have a team of specialists equipped with years of knowledge. For this blog, we will give you all the information before you buy solar lights.

How do solar lights work?

Solar lights use the power from the batteries that the solar panel has collected throughout the day. Typically they use LED bulbs to provide light as they are an efficient way of converting the power back into the light. At dusk, the lights will sense the reduction in sunlight and turn the LED bulbs on. A lot of modern solar lights will have an on/off switch so you can override when you don't want the lights on.

Why do solar products need batteries?

Solar products will often have batteries to store the power collected during the day for use when required. Solar lights are the best example of this, with other product types including solar phone chargers. This type of charger has an internal battery that you can have on standby to get your phone back up and running in case you are caught without a wall charger close by.

Why do some solar products perform better than others?

Solar panels will collect the light and convert it into power and store it in batteries. The bigger the solar panel, the more light will be collected. Higher capacity batteries with a more powerful solar panel will collect more power during the day plus any excess power can be stored in the batteries to use another day. This means the batteries may not start each day from the flat which gives you an advantage on a cloudy day.

Why do my solar lights come on during the day?

This means the sensor in the light is not working and we would recommend cleaning the mini solar panel, which often get covered in dirt. If the panel is dirty the solar light circuit board will act as though its night time all the time, using the LED all day and night.

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