Solar-powered lights are easily the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to illuminate your garden in the evening.

As not everyone has a landscape designer to hand, you may be unsure where to position your lighting to get the best out of it; but we are here to help!

Vapextech is the leading provider of solar light batteries, helping to keep gardens across the country looking spectacular.

In our latest blog, we are going to share some tips on positioning your garden solar lights to achieve the best performance.

Choosing the Best Solar Lights

When deciding how to light up your garden, you can't go wrong with solar-powered lights. The type of lights you choose often depends on the spaces you want to light up. For example, solar lights on stakes are a great way to light a pathway.

Where to Place Solar-Powered Lights

Clever placement of solar-powered lights is crucial, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Deciding where to position them in your garden can be dictated by the space you use the most during the evenings in your garden. Adding light to mark pathways and patios is a practical step plus adding some in your flowerbeds creates a relaxing, ambient atmosphere.

To make sure they work to their optimal level, place your solar lights well away from other light sources such as windows from your home or street lights, as this could trick them into thinking it is dark enough to turn on.

Keeping Lights Powered Up

Solar lights need to be positioned in a spot where they will get plenty of sunlight all day to power up plus an area that will work for your garden. This is why you need to get out and understand your garden and where the sun hits best during the day.

If your solar light set has a separate panel instead of an embedded one into the top of the light you will need to place this first. Finding somewhere discreet that is also sun-flooded is best, such as the top of a hut or a gazebo that you can string lights from.

Don't forget to keep your solar panel clean too as this will help them to charge fully.

Setting Up Solar Lights For the First Time

The first thing to remember when setting up solar-powered lights is the cable. The best way to hide this out of view is to bury it underground but make sure it is at least 6 inches beneath the surface which prevents rain or rodents getting to it.

Ensure your battery is charged for an extra-long time for its first charge to make sure you get a full 12 hours of lights before it comes on for the first time.

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