If you are using batteries, it is important to know how to handle them properly.

Here at Vapextech, we understand there is an element of care when it comes to using batteries. We want to ensure you are storing your batteries safely, which is why we have made this the focus of our latest post.

Avoid Injuries When Handling Batteries

While injuries are not common when storing batteries, it is important to remain vigilant. One such area to focus on is avoiding damage or injury. With a number of myths surrounding storage, such as putting batteries in the fridge; we are here to dispel myths and keep you safe.

Advice on Storing Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech would recommend avoiding extreme heat or cold when storing batteries you are not using. These type of conditions will reduce the performance of your batteries.

Do not store them in your fridge as this could result in corrosion or seal damage plus there is the added risk of condensation. Extreme temperatures will also have a negative effect on your battery's performance; alternatively, try to find a dry environment at room temperature.

Another bit of advice is to remove batteries from devices that are not being used for a considerable amount of time. If batteries have become worn out, they will also need to be removed to prevent possible damage from leakages.

Don't forget that you should not carry loose batteries around with you in your pocket or purse. Batteries can be shorted by contact with other metal objects which could lead to leaking or rupturing. Vapextech would recommend purchasing a storage box to prevent your batteries from shorting.

Improving the Storage Life of Batteries

With improvements in technology, batteries now have better storage life and do not require special measures to store effectively. A lot of battery manufacturers have incorporated this technology giving batteries not in use, a longer life.

Keep Them Away from Kids!

Keeping batteries out of the clutches of children is one of the most important factors when deciding where to store your batteries. While we recommend keeping them in a dry environment at room temperature, they should also be in a place where children cannot get hold of them.

Children swallowing batteries is actually quite a common occurrence with extreme cases being fatal.

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