Upgrading the battery for your RC car is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective upgrade you can have.
Your batteries will supply the power for the motor, steering, receiver and ESC. For our latest post, we are going to focus on the different types of model batteries used for model cars.

Three Different Types of Model Batteries

NiMH Batteries - NiMH batteries (also referred to as Nickel Metal Hydride) are one of the most problem-free types of batteries on the market. Many high capacity NiMH batteries will keep your RC vehicle powered for a considerable amount of time. NiMH's do not tend to suffer from voltage depression, which occurs when the battery is not fully discharged between charging cycles. When you have a partway full condition the battery remembers the shorter cycle which is reduced to a lower capacity which means less run time.

Here are some benefits of NiMH Batteries -

  • High capacity is available
  • They are safer is overcharged
  • No voltage depression problems
  • Less of an environmental problem

NiCd Batteries - NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries are good for model car beginners plus they are cheaper, although they can suffer from voltage depression. NiCd batteries are more durable than NiMHs which means they can get hotter and take more abuse. Having said this, NiCd batteries will be banned in the future due to their effect on the environment.

LiPo Batteries - LiPo batteries are a lightweight alternative to NiMH and NiCd batteries, which also do not suffer from voltage suppression like NiCd's. LiPo batteries hold a better charge than other battery types plus they have between 20-30% longer life than NiMh batteries. LiPo's do not self-discharge meaning you can charge them a week before using and will have close to the same amount of power.

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