For the more serious Airsoft skirmisher who carries an advanced AEG weapon you need 11.1v batteries to match this type of firepower! Lightweight and powerful, these batteries are designed to fit into the crane stock or into the hand guard of your weapon. They are available with either a mini Tamiya or Deans fitting. Multi cell batteries are sometimes referred to as butterfly batteries.

These batteries pack a serious punch so make sure they are the right type of Airsoft battery for your weapon before purchase.

Safety First With 11.1v Batteries

All Lipo batteries provide a high level of discharge but require considerable care in storage, charging and use. These 11.1v batteries are no exception. In general, you should give your batteries a visual check to see that there is no damage to the casing before and after use or charging. Do not pierce the casing or attempt to dismantle these 11.1v batteries. Cease using Li-Po batteries if they are showing signs of bulging, leaking or over heating. It is recommended that charging is done in a fire resistant area. For safety precautions always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Only charge using an approved LiPO battery charger, Vapextech sell an Airsoft Intelligent Li-Po Charger. This will provide a balanced charging current and helps to repair cells with low voltage. Allowing the battery cells to discharge completely will damage the cells. The progress indicator reduces the risk of overcharging.

Buy Airsoft 11.1v Batteries from Vapextech

Orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days. All Li-Po batteries are delivered by UK Mail with a 24 hour delivery time. Through the implementation of a complete quality control system from design, and through production, Vapextech is accredited with ISO9001. If you would like to know more about Vapextech 11.1v batteries then please don’t hesitate to contact us.