If you have solar lights in your garden you should consider replacing NiCd rechargeables with Vapextech's range of NiMH batteries.

Our team often get asked if you can use NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries in solar lights that currently use NiCd. Luckily you can and we will explain the benefits of making the switch during this blog.

Why Choose NiMh Batteries

Here are four reasons why you should choose NiMH batteries -

Long Shelf-Life - New NiMh batteries can remain unused for anywhere between 3 and 5 years. Vapextech recommends using your NiMH rechargeable batteries sooner to keep your solar lights shining bright.

No Memory Effect - NiCd batteries do have issues attaining a 'memory' that reduces the life of the battery. NiMh can be partially charged, even on cloudy days and be fully recharged to their full capacity on the next sunny day. There is minimal discharge during storage which means it is best to put NiMh rechargeable batteries into your garden solar lights in pre-dawn hours before a sunny day. The solar lights will now be ready for nighttime enjoyment.

Environmentally Friendly - NiMH rechargeables are more environmentally friendly than NiCd batteries. Cadmium is classified as a toxic element which needs to be disposed of properly. There is a number of recycling locations ideal for battery recycling but if they do end up in the bin, remember NiCd is not good for landfills. If you have no options for recycling, NiMH batteries can be put in the bin.

Value for Money - NiMH rechargeable batteries from Vapextech are an investment, given their long shelf life.

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