Solar light batteries and the garden lights they power take on a new importance during the month of December. The 21st being the Winter solstice it is the point of the year when the sun is at its lowest point in the northern hemisphere sky. The days are at their shortest and therefore we rely on artificial lighting to be able to see during the extra hours of darkness.

Solar Light Batteries to Illuminate the Darkest Nights

Traditionally we adorn our homes and gardens with all types of lights to add festive cheer during the run up to Christmas and through to the New Year. While all of this adds excitement, it would be easy to over look more modest but no less important lighting for our pathways, steps, patios and driveways. The advantage of using battery powered lighting is that it doesn’t rely on having any complex outdoor electrical installations. There is no need for outdoor sockets and the light units themselves can be arranged wherever you need them without employing the services of a fully qualified electrician.

However, all of this is rendered useless without the correct solar light batteries. Vapextech have high quality batteries which are manufactured especially for use in solar lights. Available in packs of 10 x AA these nickel metal hydride low self discharge units will give a long lasting power source to garden lights during the darkest time of the year.

Solar Light Batteries and More from Vapextech

Should you need additional battery power this Christmas. To compliment our solar light batteries, there is a comprehensive range of batteries to suit all manner of gifts. For radio controlled vehicles from planes, trains and automobiles there is a vast choice of model batteries. Fans of skirmishing games will be able to stay fully armed with airsoft batteries. Vapextech is here for all your battery needs this yuletide. Contact us with any specific questions about our products.