For some, model or RC vehicles might be their first introduction to a hobby. A classic birthday or Christmas present RC cars allow controllers to take control of model vehicles or hand-built machines and push them to the edge of performance potential. While some users simply use their RC car as a pass time, there are those who get hooked on the trill of, how fast can I go? or can I take this corner any faster? RC cars come with many interchangeable parts, but one of the most important parts that you cannot afford to overlook is the model batteries you use. Here at Vapextech, we supply a huge collection of model batteries for racers and hobbyists alike

Recreational or Competitive Model Batteries for Radio Control cars

Radio control vehicles are often used as either a pastime or as part of a competition. Whatever the use, the controllers want the vehicles to be running at peak performance. That’s where Vapextech model batteries come in, outperforming and outlasting their rival counterparts. Participants in the racing events will know all too well the race could be lost one lap in if their battery isn’t meeting expectations.

Our radio control batteries

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Get in Touch for Model Batteries

Model batteries come in many different power outputs and if you’d like to know more about our batteries please speak to a member of our expert team today. We have been supplying batteries in the UK for many years so with Vapextech we guarantee tailored and the best advice to match your requirements.