Lipo batteries have been a revolution in power cell technology over the past ten years. The benefits to radio control model fans and Airsoft enthusiasts is a lightweight battery which provides excellent output and performance. When compared to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the Lithium Polymer (ion) batteries (Lipo) can be formed into almost any shape and dimension. Being lightweight makes them ideal for flying model planes and helicopters. By offering higher capacities they store more power. Being more powerful, they have a higher discharge, leading to a more responsive experience whether you are driving a radio control buggy or pulling the trigger on an Airsoft electric gun.

However, all is not plain sailing with these batteries, due to their higher discharge they generally have a shorter usage time. More critically, they contain a delicate chemistry. They can be easily damaged if they are not stored, used, or charged correctly. Failure to follow the guidelines and safe practice advice in relation to lipo batteries can lead to ignition and the risk of fire. Combusting batteries pose a risk of injury to yourself, others, fire damage, and more serious consequences.

Lipo batteries are constructed out of a strip of polymer, folded into a concertina of alternating lithium carbon coated aluminium and copper anode and cathode electrodes. These are stored in an airtight soft foil pouch. Great for power to weight ratio but less durable than hard-cased batteries. The chemistry inside a Lipo battery reacts to temperature, air, and water, which is why there is a risk of ignition if punctured.

Safety Advice for Lipo Batteries

This blog is by no means a comprehensive guide to Lipo batteries. Battery technology continues to evolve, but there are some fundamental points that should be adhered to, ensuring the safe use and enjoyment of activities involving this type of battery.

A lipo battery should be kept at a temperature in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We strongly advise using a fireproof pouch and a suitable container which will prevent the spread of a fire in the unlikely event that your battery does catch fire.

These batteries need to be stored at a consistent 3.8v power level. Using a Vapextech Intelligent Charger will help to keep power cells balanced. Overcharging can damage the cells, which results in poor or non-performance, and increases flame risk. Likewise, allowing a lipo battery to discharge to below 3.0v can damage the cells, too. Lipo chargers can balance the charge stored in each cell. Having balanced cells results in a stable battery

If you can see any damage to the foil pouch of the lipo battery, if it has been dropped, sliced, or punctured – do not use it. The BRCA (British Radio Car Association) is the governing body of radio controlled car racing and they are a useful source of safety information. Vapextech Lipo Car Packs are BRCA approved with the battery cell being encased in a hard plastic covering to reduce the risk of damage while in use. To achieve this approval the lipo batteries

Vapextech Quality Lipo Batteries

We understand that it is important that you get the correct lipo batteries and battery charger for your requirements. Vapextech products conform to ISO9001 and to find out more about them, and our service, please get in touch. We will be happy to advise you.