Twas the night before Christmas…and Father Christmas was having trouble seeing where to land his sleigh! The solar light batteries had gone flat in the garden lights at number 49. Despite the GPS power of Rudolph’s red nose, this was going to be a tricky delivery....!

Solar Light Batteries for Long Dark Nights

Solar light batteries can help bring some much needed illumination to your garden. It is now the point of midwinter. December is the darkest month of the year. We like to bring lights to our homes at Christmas and Yuletide to help lift the spirits. Alongside any lighting decorations which may adorn the exterior of your home, humble solar light batteries can be the power source to light up pathways and decking areas. Avoid trip hazards between the car and the front door as you arrive back from work or school…and remember it’s not just the postman or courier making deliveries in the dark!


The solar light batteries supplied by Vapextech are uniquely made for garden solar lights. They have a slower discharge than conventional AA NiMH batteries, giving you a longer usage time. Great for this time of year when the sun sets in the late afternoon. They are also rechargeable, so you will never be left in the dark!

These solar light batteries from Vapextech arrive fully charged. All you need to do is put them into the garden solar lights and enjoy the soft illumination. Not only do you get a cost effective way of lighting your garden you can compliment your festive decorations.

Buy Vapextech Solar Light Batteries Today!

We all know Christmas is a busy time of year. But it is not too late to order your solar light batteries. After all, you need to light up your garden so that Santa can see where to land his sleigh on Christmas Eve!

To find out more about solar light batteries and help spread festive cheer, get in touch today! Merry Christmas!