Solar light batteries are perfect for powering lighting in your garden. Now that we have passed the Autumn Equinox the nights are drawing in. This month the clocks change and it gets darker in the evening. Garden lights can make pathways, patios and steps around your home visible when you return home from work or school.

Solar Light Batteries to Illuminate Your Garden

Solar light batteries from Vapextech come fully charged and ready to use. Simply take out of the packaging and put them into your solar lights. Place the lighting around your garden or outside space and enjoy!

Autumnal events like Halloween or Bonfire Night bring family and friends together. Perhaps you are going to have a party?
It’s a perfect time of year to set up a spooky trail for children and their friends with garden solar lights to light the way. The whizz, bang and crackle of fireworks on Bonfire Night is a spectacle enjoyed by both children and adults. Enjoying time outdoors on a crisp Autumn evening can be great fun and make lasting memories. If you are organising a Halloween or Firework Party, then you’ll have thought of all the important things like food, drink and invitations. But don’t forget the solar light batteries!

Using solar light batteries to power the lights around your outdoor space can help guests along garden paths and up and down steps in the dark. This will reduce the risk of trip hazards and injuries.

Why choose solar light batteries from Vapextech?

Vapextech LSD solar light batteries are uniquely manufactured for solar lights. They provide a much slower release of power when compared to the equivalent nimh batteries. These solar light batteries are rechargeable to give you a long lasting product.

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