Have you been sold counterfeit rechargeable batteries?  How can you know?

You will find that most counterfeit batteries are sold by sellers who only supply AA and AAA batteries and not packs made up for model use.  The reason for this is that model control users have ways of testing the capacity of their batteries were as the average family battery users does not.  This means that users often think that rechargeable batteries are very powerful but they don't last long.  This isn't the case.

There is an easy way to find out if you have been sold a counterfeit battery.  There is a relationship between maximum capacity (mAh) and minimum weight that they can be at to hold that capacity.

1. Light weight cells with high capacity on them are counterfeit.

2. AA cell 3000 mAh and above are counterfeit.

3. AAA cell 1200 mAh and above are counterfeit.


We tested some cells that you can purchase on the internet and below are the results.


Make Listed Capacity Weight True Capacity (test at 0.2 c)  
 @me  3800 mAh AA  15 g  426 mAh  
Uktracell   3000 mAh AA 18 g  631 mAh   
Unbranded  3000 mAh AA  18 g  598 mAh   
BTY  3000 mAh AA  16 g  219 mAh    
Duracell  2400 mAh AA  29 g  2385 mAh   Well known consumer brand
Vapextech  2500 mAh AA  29 g  2400 mAh  Well known model battery supplier

As you can see some of these batteries are only 10% of their stated capacity and therefore will only last 1/10th as long as the better brands.

Batteries weighing under 32 g cannot be 3000 mAh or higher in capacity.  If you own one of these then you have been missold.

Lots of batteries suppliers on Ebay do not list the battery weight.  We recommend that you contact them and ask the weight before you purchase.

Sadly there is no way for Ebay or other on-line selling sites to monitor these counterfeit batteries.  They simply don't have the specific expertise to do so and there is no law to stop any label being put on these batteries.

At Vapextech we want to dismiss the many myths about rechargeable batteries and we will only sell the genuine article.