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Fast Smart Charger for 1 - 8 AA or AAA NiMH batteries LCD display Vapextech

by Vapextech

Fast Smart 8 Cell Charger for 1 - 8 AA or AAA NiMH batteries LCD display Vapextech



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8 Slots LCD Display--Worldwide Use- Super Fast Charger External AC Adaptor (Input: 100-240V AC) for worldwide use.

Your AA/AAA 8 Cell Charger is designed to charge Vapex’Tech NiMH rechargeable batteries rated to 2900mAh(AA) or 1100mAh (AAA). The batteries will be fully-charged by Microprocessor-Control System in 1~5 hours for AA/AAA batteries. You can change 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 AA/AAA NiMH batteries simultaneously. CHARGER


Specially designed with Electric LCD display to indicate the charging status. Recharges 1 piece to 8 pieces of AA & AAA Ni-MH batteries at a time. Powered by the supplied Switching mode AC Adaptor when using at indoor or by the supplied DC Car Adaptor when using in a vehicle (optional). Microprocessor Controlled – Batteries life well protected by negative delta V cut-off function and timer protection. Non-rechargeable battery detection. Automatic trickle charge after full charge, CURRENT-50mA LCD indicator: Large size LCD display for charging status Charging: Empty battery icon; Full charge: Full battery icon; Wrong battery: Flashing full battery icon LCD Displays the charging Level

Safety Features :

Safety timer to prevent over charge

Reverse-polarity protection

Bad Cell Detection:

When charge process is started, the charger detects the health status of each of the cells in the battery compartment. If any battery is unsuitable for charging the status LCD will show flashing full battery icon.

Charging Current:

The total eight charging channels are divided into two parts equally, 4 on left or right. The charging current would be varied while different number of batteries placing on the compartment. Please find the output for this 8 cell charger current as follows.

   Battery Type

   Left Side       Right Side

 Charging Current

   AA/AAA        1 pcs         1 pcs            2000mA
   AA/AAA        2 pcs         2 pcs            1000mA
   AA/AAA        3 pcs         3 pcs             650mA
   AA/AAA        4 pcs         4 pcs             500mA

Charging Time:

Size            Charging Current             Charging Time     
                               AA 2900mAh  
1-2pcs                    2000mA   1.4         Hours   
3-4pcs                    1000mA   3.0         Hours
5-6pcs                     650mA   3.2         Hours
7-8pcs                     500mA   5.0         Hours
                             AAA 1000mAh  
1-2pcs                   2000mA   0.6         Hours
3-4pcs                   1000mA   1.1         Hours
5-6pcs                    650mA   1.8         Hours
7-8pcs                    500mA   2.2         Hours

  • Great Charger by Mud


    This is a life saving charge running upto 8 batteries. the only thing i could possibly say is i would like to see a discharge function added, other than that it's perfect

  • Great Price - Works very well and is very easy to by P S NEIL


    Great Price - Works very well and is very easy to use - It's ideal for charging my transmitter batteries - Highly Recommended

  • An extremely useful little device by Rayfo


    An extremely useful little device. Measuring only 15cm x 8cm x 3cm this unit takes up little space on a worktop or bench, yet provides charging for up to 8 batteries simultaneously. An illuminated LED display animates on inserting batteries, indicating the charging status of each one, and clearly shows the batteries that have reached full charge - allowing them to be removed and others inserted. In my case, I get through a lot of batteries, using them to power several Speedlite flashguns, and previously would recharge them - four at a time - overnight. This device is therefore a boon, charging my Eneloops quickly and efficiently, whilst showing exactly what is going on. The batteries are easy to insert and remove from each individual charging bay, and all the above, coupled with a reasonable price, means that I can thoroughly recommend this charger.

  • I like this little charger and am considering buying another by Henry M. Murphy


    I like this little charger and am considering buying another. I like the fact that the led's show the individual batteries charging. The battery chargers I'd been using before just had a red and green light so I never new how much charge they had in and how likely they would be in the charger for. Also, my previous chargers would only allow me to charge 2 or 4 batteries at a time. This one chargers batteries individually so as the batteries show they are charged, I can remove and replace with other batteries. On a photo shoot, I may take up to 6 flash guns requiring 4 x AA batteries each. For the 6 pocket wizards, I'll need 2 batteries each making a total of 36 AA batteries. That is before I include spares. So being able to charge 8 batteries at a time is really useful. Should I purchase a 16 cell charger? No. Why not? If it fails, I'm stuck. If I purchase 2 of these, in the unlikely event 1 fails, I still have the other to charge my batteries.

  • This has been a lifesaver for my camera flashes and triggers by Penfold


    I had purchaced some Lloytron slow 200mAh wall socket chargers as I'd rather not have chargers all over the floor/worktops but they were taking 24 hrs+ to charge 2900MAh batteries and they were just a bit too big to fit two next to each other in a double switched wall socket. So I bit the bullet and purchased this 8-way charger instead. I am so glad I did, it is only the same size as a large smartphone (obviously 2-3 times higher) but very compact and at up to 2000mah for single cell charging (a couple of hours for a single 2900mAh) down to 500mAh for all 8 (about 6 hours for all 8) and much quicker if only partially depleted/topping up. Single cell charging and easy to understand backlit displays make this wonderful. This has been a lifesaver for my camera flashes and triggers. And whilst I'm sure that 1 hour rapid chargers are very useful, I'm not keen on charging past the golden '1C' rate for which this is ideal!

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