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Receiver Packs

You can depend on our receiver packs even when pushed to the very limit. Perfect for a huge range of models including helicopters, short course truck or aeroplane that give you incredible range and responsive control. These batteries will maintain their voltage even on high currents and will ensure longer running times.

Receiver Packs for Radio Controlled Models and Toys

What is a receiver pack and what is its role within an RC model?

Receiver packs provide the power source by which the receiver within a radio controlled vehicle can accept the radio wave signals emitted from the transmitter. It is an essential link in the network of apparatus which keeps a model control plane, helicopter, car, buggy, or power boat moving and more importantly under control. Consisting of an antenna and circuit board inside the model these commands are transferred, and the motors are activated. Vapextech receiver packs are made up of multiple power cells and offer a high power to weight ratio – something vital for devices intended for mobile use. For those who compete with their RC vehicles we know that you need a reliable and consistent source of power to the receiver to enable you to race effectively. These RX batteries come in flat, square, or hump formations with either Futaba and Tamiya fittings so that they fit a wide range of model receiver types.

Vapextech High Quality Receiver Packs

Vapextech receiver packs for radio controlled models and toys are manufactured at a state of the art plant in Longhua Shenzhen Guangdong, China. They are tested to ensure that you get the best possible running times and most efficient charging. Buy online today and your purchase will be distributed across Great Britain from our UK centre in Kent. If you have any queries about these or any other Vapextech products, please contact us today.