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6V Batteries - 6.6V Batteries

We stock a wide range of radio controlled 6v batteries & 6.6v batteries. Our batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure high power and longevity with little voltage drop. Browse through our selection of 6v & 6.6v batteries below and find out more about our individual product specifications.

6v Batteries and 6.6v Batteries for RC Models, Airsoft and Cameras

6v batteries and 6.6v batteries deliver a consistent power source without compromising on weight and dimensions. This makes them the perfect solution for smaller electrical items such as radio controlled vehicles. RC vehicles of all kinds whether intended for travelling over land, air, or water rely on a transmitter, a receiver and a power source. Airsoft guns can require this battery as the source for hand held pistols, rifles and other AEG’s which usually fits into the stock.

This voltage of battery is intended for a wide range of applications and items including Airsoft guns and cameras. Available in both LiFe and Nimh formats. Nimh or Ni-MH is the abbreviation of Nickel Metal Hydride which replaced Ni–Cd batteries for portable consumer use. LiFe stands for Lithium Iron and this type of battery is a lightweight and durable option which is great for devices intended for mobile use. Configured with multiple cells into flat, humped or square formats with Futaba or Tamiya fittings.

Buy 6v Batteries and 6.6v Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech supply a wide choice of 6v batteries and 6.6v batteries in a range of configurations and connections so that you can find the correct version for your RC model, airsoft gun or camera. Manufactured and rigorously tested they deliver a reliable 6v or 6.6v power source so that you can enjoy your hobby without disruption. Browse and buy online today from our website, or if you have any specific questions, please contact us.