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Airsoft Batteries

We stock a wide range of high quality airsoft batteries in many types including NiMH, Lipo and Life batteries. Available in a range of voltages from 7.4 to 12v we have airsoft batteries to suit all requirements, and all are specifically designed for airsoft use. Browse through our entire selection below or narrow your search with the the options on the left. We offer a quick and cost efficient delivery service for all of our airsoft batteries throughout the country. If you have any questions about any of our batteries then please don't hesitate in getting in touch.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport played by teams over a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sites. It mimics combat scenarios with participants using military style weapons and equipment while deploying military tactics in competition. Games are called skirmishes and player are known as skirmishers. There are some similarities with paintball, but airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic as ammunition.

Airsoft Batteries for AEG’s from Vapextech

The guns used in airsoft are full scale replicas of real world weapons. There are four main types of replica or RIF’s (Realistic Imitation Firearms). They are spring powered, gas powered (using CO2, green gas), and AEGs which stands for automatic electric gun. Vapextech supply a variety of batteries to power the AEG category of replica, which is the most popular choice of weapon in the sport. An AEG assault rifle or sub machine gun will cover a range of approximately 40 feet and fire 15-20 BB’s per second. The airsoft battery will power an internal motor, which moves a piston and fires the ammunition down the barrel.

Similar to radio control model batteries, there is a variety of sizes to choose from to correlate with the type of replica you use. Please contact us for more about any of our battery products.