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8.4v Airsoft Battery Packs

Browse through our extensive range of 8.4v Airsoft batteries. All of our Airsoft batteries are manufactured to cope with the high demands of Airsoft use - with high capacity and longer running times. Our 8.4v batteries are competitively priced and available for delivery throughout the UK, take a look at our selection below for more information.

How long do 8.4V Airsoft Batteries last?

The MaH rating for your 8.4v airsoft batteries is an indication of how long it will power your AEG for. This depends on the specification of your replica. If your replica uses 600 milliamps per hour, a 1600MaH battery will last 2 hours 39 minutes of continuous discharge.

There are many types of replica weapon with which to compete as just about any real assault rifle and sub machine gun has an AEG twin. They are the most common gun used for skirmishing. The size, dimensions and configuration of the battery pack doesn’t necessarily equate to power output, but is designed to fit into a category of imitation weapon. Space is limited but large battery packs tend to fit into the stock, like on the M16. Two leg battery packs, sometimes referred to as nunchuk batteries consist of two columns of cells and is housed either side of the barrel or in the hand guard. The higher the MaH rating the longer it will take to recharge.

We supply a range of NiMH 8.4V batteries, which stands for Nickel Metal Hydride. Offering a slower discharge rate than the Nicad and hold more charge than the same size.

High Quality 8.4V Airsoft Batteries from Vapextech

Vapextech manufacture and import high quality 8.4V batteries for many kinds of AEG. They are made in the purpose built facility in our production plant which is located in Longhua Shenzhen Guangdong. We comply to ISO9001 accreditation so you can be confident of receiving a rigorously tested product. Buy online today or contact us for further information.