Solar Light Batteries

Solar Light Batteries

In recent years solar energy has become increasingly popular, enabling the sun’s light to be harnessed to power homes or appliances, reducing energy usage. Solar lights are now a common part of many gardens, illuminating up your garden, or outdoor areas without pricey bills. These are incredibly useful in the summer months when many people stay out much later in the evenings - making the most out of our short supply of summer weather!

Why choose our solar light batteries:

Solar light batteries are the most important part of your solar lights, powering and then recharging using the suns energy. Here at Vapextech, we’re experts at supplying a wide range of batteries, including solar light batteries. Although by their nature, solar batteries are re-usable, there are many reasons why you may need new batteries for your solar lights:

Solar lights may not come with batteries to begin with.
The original solar light batteries may have become worn out, or less powerful after excessive use.

Exclusive LSD Solar Light Batteries

Our most popular solar light batteries are our AA NiMh rechargeable batteries, which come with new technology to help the lights last longer. The batteries are supplied with charge and this enables you to use them straight away (gone are the days of a lengthy wait for them to charge!). They are the only LSD solar light batteries available and this means that they discharge at a much slower rate than regular batteries, with much of the initial charge still available even after a year of use. They will replace nicad or nimh batteries in your solar lights and are AA sized.

Find out more:

If you want long lasting, high power solar lights, visit Vapextech! All of our solar light batteries are available to purchase online and we offer discounts on some products if multiple products are purchased. For more information about our solar light batteries please get in touch with a member of our expert team.